Calgary AB Prescription Medication Delivery Social Distancing Service Launched

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Cranston Smart Drug Mart has announced its updated home delivery service for people in Calgary, Alberta, to help them receive prescriptions while maintaining social distancing during the pandemic.

Cranston Smart Drug Mart has recently updated its services in Calgary, Alberta, for people looking for local prescription fulfillments as well as free home delivery for their medication during the current pandemic.

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The updated services from Cranston Smart Drug Mart aims to give people in Calgary a local pharmacy that offers them several benefits such as local deliveries, regulated prices that match other pharmacies across the Alberta province, and prescribing services for minor ailments.

In the current pandemic landscape, it can be challenging for people who need regular prescriptions to maintain social distancing and reduce their risk of infections. Furthermore, people with certain medical conditions should be trying to reduce contact and travel when possible to protect their health. Cranston Smart Drug Mart is aiming to help people in these situations by providing home deliveries of their medication for no extra cost.

The home delivery service from Cranston Smart Drug Mart gives people the benefit of monthly blister packs of the medication they require, which is delivered directly to their homes. This service aims to help people to protect themselves during the pandemic without needing to worry about running out of vital medication.

People in Calgary who use the services from Cranston Smart Drug Mart also have the benefit of knowing that the cost of their medication will be the same as it would be from any pharmacy in other areas of the province. Across Canada, prescription medication prices are regulated by each province, meaning that all pharmacies in Alberta have the same price, including those from Cranston Smart Drug Mart.

Cranston Smart Drug Mart also aims to ensure that customers are able to receive their medication by offering their delivery services without any additional charges, making it an easier and cost-effective means of receiving medication. Furthermore, the Calgary pharmacist supports the need for people to make sure they receive their flu shots during the current pandemic to help prevent overwhelming the health system.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the website mentioned above.