Singapore Womens Clothes Xiao Story Hengsong Albreda Online Store Launched

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Fashion in the House, an online store specializing in women’s clothing, has launched from Singapore. The seller has partnered with suppliers in the US and China so its services are more accessible.

Fashion in the House, a professional women’s fashion store based in Singapore, announced the launch of a new online site selling a wide range of clothing.

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The website aims to provide shoppers with both clothing and footwear, including a large collection of winter wear.

The online store offers jackets, sweaters, jeans and boots for women living in colder parts of the world. The website also serves shoppers in a warmer climate, with dresses, shorts and swimwear. Fitness wear, including both training gear and running shoes, can also be found online.

The retailer delivers products to destinations throughout the world, including North America and Europe. Supported payment methods include PayPal, Visa and MasterCard. Delivery times and fees depend on where the person receiving the order is based.

Fashion in the House also sells various accessories in addition to its clothing range. Visitors can use the site to buy bags, earrings and necklaces. Items are shipped from either China or the US, depending on where the order is going to.

The Fashion in the House catalog includes a variety of different women’s fashion brands. Some of these are Albreda, Sure Xiao Story and Hengsong. Themed clothing, such as jumpers named after the K-Pop band BTS, are also stocked online.

Based on the island of Singapore in Southeast Asia, Fashion in the House launched in December 2020. Despite being founded in a country fewer than 100 miles from the equator, the website was set up in particular to help women in colder countries dress warm for the winter.

When talking about the website’s launch, the founder said: “The problem with a lot of high-quality fashion is that it can get expensive. We wanted to create a place where women could go to buy high-quality goods at affordable prices.

“We believe that everyone should have access to clothing that both looks good and functions well. It should not matter what their income is, nor should where they live cause problems with having access to items they bought online.”

Readers interested in learning more about Fashion in the House can do so at the website mentioned above.