CEO, Founder, and Celeb Publicist at Builder Media Discusses Doing PR That Drives Results

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( — January 13, 2021) —

The world of digital PR has erupted over the last decade with some companies climbing to the top. Tribe Builder Media is a PR firm in LA that has a near-perfect rate of having clients published on the top publications in the world. USA Today, Forbes, and Huffington Post have all featured clients of the firm that has a focus on delivering tangible results. 

The CEO of Tribe Builder Media Danielle Sabrina took time to answer questions about the firm in the following:

How Do You Have a Near Perfect Rate of Featuring Clients in Top Publications?

The focus that we have to dive deep to truly understand the niche of a client sets us apart. The understanding that we develop of our clients allows us to sell what they do and who they are to top publications. We pride ourselves on understanding the type of stories a brand wants to tell by doing immense amounts of research. Everything is going to need to provide some form of value to a publication in order to increase the odds of publication. We have done this for years which makes us true experts on what certain publications will accept. 

What Makes Your Firm Stand Out?

There are some firms that land big clients but do not drive results that matter. We drive results that matter instead of pitching an idea to anyone that will listen. Targeted publications that have a high percentage of a client’s target demographic will drive the most in terms of results. 

Our team is passionate about understanding a client’s thought leadership and its brand story. We know how to market the passion a client has for their work. We make this passion attractive to publishers with our expertise. 

Other PR agencies use outdated techniques that do not truly align with how digital PR works in today’s age. We have delivered real results for our clients that have had less than stellar campaigns run by other agencies with little to no success. 

What Other Services Does Tribe Builder Media Offer?

The team that we have specializes in digital marketing, brand marketing, corporate communication, and business development. Our award-winning corporate communication programs form a critical part of innovation and growth for clients. With our brand activations and experimental marketing, we leverage a diverse array of connections to bring a client’s brand and consumers together to deliver sales-driving results.

What Feedback Have You Received From Clients? 

The feedback has been very positive ever since we began the firm. Our success has been long-lasting due to the mutually beneficial business relationships that have been formed. These relationships span industries and we have won numerous industry award for what we have done. 

What’s Next For Tribe Builder Media?

We are getting back to work after the holidays after 2020 which was tough for businesses around the world. We were still able to drive positive results during this trying time and will continue to do so!