San Francisco CA Artificial Intelligence Audit Business Systems Service Launched

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San Francisco-based creative design and engineering agency Punch have launched their complete artificial intelligence auditing services, designed to maximize data processing system performance.

Punch, a creative design, engineering, and marketing agency from San Francisco has launched their full A.I. auditing services, offering to optimize and streamline business data processing systems.

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The Punch auditing services are tailor-made to transform a business or organization’s A.I. data processing systems, using cutting edge technology to identify areas of the system that can be made more effective. Through this, the Punch audit can optimize company data analysis and productivity, increasing overall revenue.

A.I., or artificial intelligence, is an essential part of business and enterprise in the current technological climate. It is designed to replicate human intelligence and connect company technologies to create a broader analysis of network data. The team of expert technicians at Punch, including ex-Google engineers, can audit companies and help them to achieve higher F1 scores, by looking into their engineering, model development, and production pipelines.

F1 scores indicate the ‘accuracy’ or performance quality of A.I. models, measuring system performance in areas such as data mining, image recognition, speech recognition, machine learning, and sentiment analysis. This newly updated service allows companies and online retailers to get the most out of their network models by ensuring that they function effectively.

Specifically, regular A.I. audits keep systems working at optimum performance and enable companies to analyze data more throughout and efficiently, saving time and money. Punch has previously completed A.I. auditing projects with Numin and Dispatchr, which can be browsed as case studies on the Punch site.

Their qualified team of ex-Google engineers and designers are ready to audit A.I. systems and maximize network performance. Through selecting a small team of top A.I. auditing talent, Punch champion a horizontal management structure and offer to collaborate on a range of marketing and design projects.

In addition to San Francisco, Punch handles A.I. and marketing projects in New York, Lahore, and Pakistan. These recently launched A.I. auditing services are ideal for local companies and organizations looking to streamline their data processing systems and identify existing issues.

In addition to their newly launched A.I. auditing, Punch’s other services include engineering projects and design work including user interface and website development, in addition to growth marketing, ad campaigns, and prototyping, supporting people from idea to product launch.

More information about pricing and contact details are available at, or by calling +1-743-545-0055.