Holistic Wellness App For Men Mental And Physical Health Resources Launched

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A newly launched health application for men, he. provides both wellness resources and social support. The platform aims to promote mental, emotional, physical and social wellbeing.

The wellbeing platform he. has been launched to promote men’s mental, emotional, physical, social, and soulful health. The new application is now available in both the App Store and Google Play.

More information is available at https://hechangedit.com

The newest launch aims to create a safe space for men to access wellness resources and connect with others who are looking for help or suffering from similar life issues.

When developing he., the application’s founders collaborated with mental health experts to determine the causes of tension, stress, anxiety, depression, and other underlying factors of health challenges.

The he. app holistically approaches men’s wellness using five core pillars: mental fitness, physical fitness, emotional fitness, social fitness, and soulful fitness. The platform’s two-pronged approach intends to address men’s need to feel heard as well as their desire to find purpose in life.

Men can utilize the he. app’s community feature to message other users one-on-one or join a group based on common interests and goals.

The new platform allows men to access articles, blog posts, and other resources on topics including work, relationships and culture.

Additionally, users can browse a range of healthy recipes specifically developed to promote physical, social, and mental well-being. Each recipe includes a nutritional and caloric breakdown of the dish.

he. also features a series of simple 7-day workout plans tailored to an individual’s goals, fitness, level, and desired equipment.

The platform’s Spark page allows users to browse through song lyrics and quotes pertaining to inspiration, motivation, happiness, fear, sadness, and anger.

For men looking to explore deeper into mental and emotional health support, he. includes a collection of educational videos about male identity and well-being, as well as practical tutorials for work and relationships.

he.cast, the platform’s podcast available on Apple Podcast and Spotify, features in-depth interviews with educators, authors, personal trainers, and other industry experts.

A satisfied user said: “I believe there is something beautiful being brought to life with this app and I am ready to serve to help make it happen. ”

Interested parties can find additional information at the above-mentioned website.