Stem Cell Serums Can Do Wonders for Mature Skin

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( — January 15, 2021) –Using all-natural beauty products is the healthiest way to take care of your skin. Traditionally, all-natural means:

  • Paraben-Free
  • Fragrance-Free
  • BHT & BHA Free
  • Cruelty Free

But what happens when we take it one step further?

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are cells the body produces naturally. Before birth, they’re categorized as embryonic stem cells, and later in life, they’re categorized as adult stem cells. They’re found all over the body in different tissues. 

Embryonic Stem Cells:

Just as they sound, embryonic stem cells come from the human embryo, and the human umbilical cord. Embryonic stem cell research and use have been debated for their ethics and morality because the use of embryonic stem cells means the destruction of the early staged embryo.  

The first example of embryonic stem cell intervention in a human trial occurred in 2009, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). Given the controversy, research on embryonic stem cells has been slow (but steady) ever since. 

Scientists who have pioneered this research have discovered some potentially groundbreaking results. 

 What they’ve found…

Embryonic stem cells can basically become any necessary type of cell in the body. They’re incredibly adaptable, and therefore have been considered for the use of tissue/cell repair in diseases like Parkinson’s, and injuries to the spinal cord, or in cases of heart attacks. 

Adult Stem Cells:

Adult stem cells also have healing abilities but are far less adaptable than embryonic stem cells. Additionally, over time, our adult stem cells tend to diminish, hence: external supplements.

Stem Cells in Cosmetics

In just the past few years, stem cells have made a splash in the cosmetic world for their healing properties. 

No, not human stem cells… plant stem cells!

Just like animals, plants have a remarkable ability to heal themselves after injury. In humans, stem cell use becomes more inflexible with age, but cultivating stem cell supplements in skincare products is a way around that reality.

Stem Cells and Anti-Aging

Using plant stem cells in certain creams and serums has shown proof of boosting epidermal and collagen production.

The epidermis is the outermost layer of the skin, and collagen is the natural protein responsible for skin elasticity, and overall skin health. 

Obviously, plants and humans have distinctly different makeups. So although plant stem cells can’t actually adapt & grow on their own when turned into external supplements, they can stimulate the growth of human epidermal cells.

And what happens when your skin is more capable of repairing itself? The fading of signs of aging, i.e. fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. 


Many beauty brands advertise that they can help to reverse signs of aging. Aging is not necessarily a bad thing, and signs of aging do not need to embody the negative connotations society has associated them with.

That said, helping your skin be as healthy as it can be is something to strive for. Fièra Cosmetics is committed to assisting mature skin, and has embraced stem cell supplements as the main ingredient in these two products: 

  1. Fièra Citrus Serum: Not only does this serum have citrus plant-based stem cells to enhance your skin, it also includes other all-natural ingredients for mature skin:

  1. Caribbean Orange Oil & Vitamin C to protect and preserve

  2. Sodium Hyaluronate & Glycerin to hydrate

  1. Fièra Apple Cream: Another plant-based stem cell product, the purpose of this cream is the restoration of youthful skin. Like the serum, it includes other beneficial ingredients as well:

  1. Natural Hemp Oil & Hydrolyzed Collagen to soothe irritated or red skin

  2. Vitamin A & Vitamin E to preserve

Learning about skincare, and how to take care of your mature skin does not have to be daunting, or complicated. The more you know about your skincare purchases, the more likely you are to find the best results.