Google Higher Business Profile Webinar B2B Recognition Strategy Course Launched

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An online webinar has been launched to support home-based, small, and independent online business owners. The unique method developed by Chris Munch will be explained in detail to ensure succeed.

A new online training webinar has been launched in a bid to support home-based business owners and ecommerce store retailers. The 100K Shout Out program from Chris Munch is designed to help small, local, and independent business owners generate organic web traffic to increase their sales.

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The newly launched webinar has been created with simplicity in mind making it ideal for new and existing business owners, regardless of whether they have any digital or technical experience.

It aims to overcome the issues being fronted by independent businesses that are faced with competition from large corporations that have marketing budgets to optimise their web pages, content, and social media.

This has made it increasingly hard for smaller brands to be found online, unless they operate in a particularly niche area and understand the keywords required for their business to be found.

Chris Munch’s platform utilised during the training webinar offers users a variety of solutions to overcome these challenges as well as benefits and advantages.

For instance, the automated amplification software and ‘done-for-you’ campaigns approach can help business owners compete in crowded online spaces quickly, efficiently, and for less.

Aside from digital marketing techniques, there are other effective strategies that can be implemented to help a business increase its Google ranking, which will be discussed as part of the webinar training presentation.

Other features of the platform include the fact social media channels can be synced to ensure cross-channel coverage and brand exposure. This multifaceted approach enables small online businesses, ecommerce stores, and home-based operations to compete with larger retailers.

To ensure the platform is as effective as possible, it has taken over five years to develop and has received considerable investment. This means the agile technology is ready to assist business owners as they take their business to the next level.

A spokesperson said: “During this demonstration and training workshop, you will discover how you can benefit from the method Chris Munch has developed. If you have a computer and an internet connection – you can do this.”

To find out more or sign up for the webinar today, interested parties are invited to visit the link provided.