Affordable Renovations that will Make your house Luxurious

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( — January 18, 2021) —

Given the choice, most of us would elect to add a splash of upmarket glamour to our home interiors. The only trouble is that luxury often comes with a cost. With that said, you needn’t always spend a fortune – just a few, relatively inexpensive touches can provide the required razzmatazz, even if the rest of your home hasn’t received quite the same treatment. Conversely, there are some improvements which, while costing an enormous amount, won’t make a proportionate difference to the look and feel of your home.

Here, we’re concerned with the former category. Let’s take a look at a few touches that’ll make your home luxurious without a huge amount of money down.

Step-in Shower

In most homes, the combination of bathtub and shower is a space-saving, economical choice. If you want a little bit of luxury, and you’ve got the space to do it, then why not separate the two? You can have a dedicated tub, and a walk-in shower that you won’t have to lift your leg to get into. You needn’t have a massive bathroom to do this; if you’re prepared to give up on the bathtub, you can have a luxury wet-room without spending a huge amount.

Installing a new shower is a big job, often involving remodelling solid walls. The right tools will provide you with the means to hide that pipework – Milwaukee SDS hammer drills being a popular choice.


Painted flooring

The floors of garages and utility rooms can often let you down. They tend to be made from vinyl tiles, which will discolour over time. Regularly applying a fresh coat of paint will help them to look the part, and makes a workable alternative to replacing the floor. Be sure that you buy the appropriate paint, however; the stuff that you put on the walls won’t stand up to the pressure of regular footfall.

Posh moulding

The right mouldings can add a touch of glamour to the room. Skirting boards, architrave and coving will draw the eye in a good way – and if they don’t, they’ll provide you with a subconscious cue that you’re in the presence of premium quality. Plus, they’re easy to install yourself.

Underfloor heating

While a ‘wet’ system for underfloor heating will involve fairly major renovation, the electric sort can be installed relatively inexpensively. It’s a great match for smaller bathroom and kitchen spaces, and will keep your feet toasty warm while you’re making eggs on a cold winter’s morning.

Make the lighting even

Light fixtures spread around the room can help to guard against the stark, static look that comes from overreliance on overhead lighting. That means table lamps in the corner, and strip lights underneath kitchen countertops. Lighting plays just as big a role in the way that your home looks as just about everything else.