Magnetic Filtration Mining Power Production Economical Solution System Launched

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Vento Global has launched a new cost-effective heavy machinery maintenance solution. They strive to help clients extend machinery lifetime and reduce repair costs.

A new cost-effective mining industry solution has been launched by the team at Vento Global. Using cutting-edge magnetic filtration from One Eye Industries, they are able to cut the maintenance costs of heavy machinery by 50%.

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The newly launched solution aims to meet rising demand in the mining industry to reduce the cost of maintenance and spare part replacement.

One of the main issues facing mining firms is the cost of machinery replacement, repair, and maintenance. Through the use of mining equipment and machinery, large amounts of particles are formed in all lubricated systems due to wear out.

For companies that use conventional systems, there are large costs associated with the process. These more traditional filtration systems are unable to remove particles below 10 or 5 microns which leads to extended downtime, while also needing ongoing maintenance.

Now a new solution is available through One Eye Industries and Black Powder Solutions. Using a patented magnetic separator system, they are able to remove 95% of particles from the system, rating from below one micron for more effective results.

In addition to this, the newly launched solution is proven to be 95% more efficient at removing contaminants. Company owner, Miroslav Gojak, explains that the new solution is designed to operate without creating flow restrictions.

Particles in the system cannot be removed with traditional systems and continue to build over time. This has a negative impact on the equipment, causing premature wear out and failures. Companies can now improve their systems operations and reduce this particle damage through the new solution.

Clients will find that the new service can increase mining equipment lifetime, while drastically lowering maintenance cost.

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Miroslav Gojak is the wonder of Vento Global group, which deals with cutting-edge services for the mining industry as well as businesses operating in the oil and gas fields.

He has a background in engineering, and his team strives to help machinery operators with the best solutions to everyday mining challenges.

Miroslav Gojak states: “I’m here to help you find the game-changing solution that will extend the lifetime of your equipment to the period where its design truly allows it.”

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