How To Choose the Perfect Lighting for Your Room

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( — January 18, 2021) — Pendant lights and chandeliers are hanging light fixtures that can be used in many places – kitchens, dining room, and lobbies. The main differences between the two are their structure, design and installation.

The word “chandelier” is a French word that comes from the Latin word “candelabrum.”

It is very easy to identify a chandelier when you see it hanging from the ceiling. In fact the chandelier serves as a focal point and pulls the whole room together. A chandelier consists of a central body that hangs suspended from the ceiling, usually by a link chain. The central body is connected with multiple lighting branches.


What is a Pendant Light?

A pendant light is also a category of lighting that hangs from the ceiling. However, unlike a chandelier, a pendant light is a singular light fixture that hangs by a metal rod, chain or cord. There are several configurations that can be done with the lone fixture; they can also stand-alone or in groups. There are both traditional and modern styles of pendant lights and chandeliers, said experts from Novus. 

A chandelier or Pendant Lighting? 

The main point of separation between a chandelier and a pendant light is how they are suspended. Chandeliers hang with multiple branches that hold multiple lights while pendant lights hang singularly from a central cord or chain. Chandeliers tend to be more intricate and fancier, while pendants lean toward a modern, minimalistic look. Of course, there are endless styles on the market these days, so you can find a cleaner, modern chandelier or a fancier, more intricate pendant.

The type of room determines the light fixtures you would pick. Chandeliers are best for lobbies with tall roofs. Since it is a layered light fixture, it won’t be extremely large to fix in the foyer. It will give a more stylish appearance.

There are likewise numerous tall pendant lights that could fix pleasantly in large lobbies. If it is a lower roof, it is perfect to choose pendant lights. They won’t overwhelm the room like a chandelier.

If you want to use the light fixtures in the kitchen, pendant lights amazingly perfect. You can also try a chandelier as a lightning focal point. Pendant lighting is best to get a better light circulation for the kitchen. 

Measurements: Diameter 

Always use the 1/3 rule to decide the width of the light fixture. The width should 1/3 of the length of the kitchen isle. Leave sufficient gap when hanging multiple layers of pendant light. It won’t make the room appear congested that way. Additionally, arrange the groups of multiple pendant lights in groups of 3 or 5. 

Measurements: Height 

While deciding the height of your light fixtures, ensure you leave around 30 inches of gap between the top of the counter and the base of the light fixture. It will give sufficient space for the counter to be functional. Chandeliers are for official dining rooms while pendant lights are for informal dining settings. 

Which light fixture gives more light?

Pendant lights and chandeliers radiate similar measures of light. Light intensity and color temperature will be determined by the individual fixture and bulbs you select. The contrast between the two is their light direction. Chandeliers have bulbs or flame lights that direct light upwards while most pendant lights direct light downwards. Hence, chandeliers are better for creating impressive lighting. Pendants are better for direct lighting.

Can a pendant light replace a chandelier or vice versa? 

The two lightning fixtures use similar electrical wiring. Therefore, they can be switched, but be aware that most electrical boxes can hold just about 50 pounds of weight. So if you would like to replace with chandelier you should consider its weight.