London Simple Direct Cremation Dignified Low Cost Funeral Services Site Launch

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Direct2Grave Cremations & Burials has launched a new website to start providing direct funerals and simple cremation services at an affordable price within South London.

Direct2Grave Cremations & Burials announced the launch of its new website allowing people more convenient access to its range of affordable funeral services. The company provides direct funerals and simple cremations without the costs and formalities of traditional ceremonies that can make an already challenging time even more stressful.

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Direct2Grave is a new family-owned company located in the southeastern part of London. Its management and staff have significant experience in the funeral sector, which has helped them realise the need for a new approach to burials.

To better respond to the current difficult environment and the constantly increasing cost of funerals in the country, the company is now offering more affordable options for people seeking a decent send-off for a departed loved one.

Recent statistics show that the average cost of dying in the UK has risen 62% over the last decade. Funerals are becoming more expensive than ever before, particularly in London. Many Britons are forced to take drastic measures to cover the cost of a family member’s funeral, such as taking a loan or borrowing money from family or friends.

This trend, combined with the current challenging environment, makes direct funerals increasingly popular among people looking to arrange a respectful, dignified funeral without being tied to tradition and unnecessary expenses.

Direct2Grave’s direct funeral services include collecting the deceased from the hospital, signing and submitting all documents required, providing a suitable coffin, and transporting the body to a selected cemetery.

If direct cremation is the preferred option, the company would take care of body transportation and arrange the paperwork. A simple coffin would also be provided to have the remains of the deceased scattered in the Garden of Remembrance, or safely returned to the family.

The burials and cremations organized by Direct2Grave involve no funeral service, mourners, or ceremony with flowers, catering, or memorials. This makes them an ideal option for grieving people who want to bid a respectful farewell to the person who has passed away and hold a separate celebration of life event in their own way at a later stage.

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