South Bend Indiana Restaurants POS Contactless Ordering Payment System Launched

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A new POS contactless ordering system recently launched in South Bend Indiana. The system is expected to benefit restaurants by minimizing staff and customer contact.

Grab Customers, an online company, has launched a new POS (point of sale) contactless ordering system to benefit restaurant owners in South Bend, Indiana.

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The company launched their new POS (point of service) contactless ordering system to assist restaurant owners in meeting CDC guidelines and keeping up with consumer demands.

Due to the current global pandemic, contactless payment technology is in high demand and continues to exhibit significant growth among both consumers and businesses.

A recently released contactless technology survey, which polled 2,081 people ranging in age from 18-70, on the impact that the pandemic has had on their decisions and experiences at restaurants and during holiday shopping, as well as their preferences both pre-and post-pandemic in regards to contactless technology. The survey states that over seventy four percent of Americans use their phone to order and pay for food and merchandise at least once a week, with nearly forty eight percent using their phones for purchases several times a week or more.

Grab Customers’ new ordering system provides a way to minimize staff and customer contact by offering a pay-at- the-table solution. Qualifying systems require no added equipment.

With the newly offered contactless ordering and payment options, restaurants are able to eliminate person-to-person contact by providing takeout, delivery and drive through options, when possible, to meet standards of the CDC food service guidelines.

Upgrading a business to a digital payment system is beneficial for several reasons: it minimizes contact for customers and staff, it’s easy to send and receive payment on any mobile device, it can be tied to a website, emails, and social media, it can work on top of an existing merchant processor and it allows potential customers to pay remotely and in advance.

The system speeds up account receivables, helps lower chargebacks and eliminates transaction costs. It also has the potential to earn staff increased tips.

Grab Customers staff is available to provide restaurants solutions and insight regarding restaurant ordering systems and contactless payments.

Interested parties can schedule a complimentary live demo by visiting the above mentioned website.