Some Small Lifestyle Habits Found To Significantly Aid in Weight Loss

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( — January 26, 2021) Orlando, FL — The number of people who are categorized as obese or overweight continues to skyrocket. The good news is that some experts have found there are effective and easy measures in maintaining a healthy weight. 

According to Ashvini Mashru, R.D., healthy sustainable weight loss is best achieved through small changes to your existing lifestyle.

Mashru is author of Small Steps to Slim and owner of Wellness Nutrition Concepts LLC, tells SELF.

“Weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint,” she adds.

It is strongly recommended to pay attention to portions as according to research, a majority of Americans actually consume two to three times the actual serving size of foods. Between bites, experts recommend putting the fork down.

This has been found to make one eat more slowly and cut back intake of calories. 

A study was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.

It has been found that eating slowly may potentially make the taste of food better. 

Researchers also recommend consuming more water as this could aid in fighting hunger pang, which is often caused by thirst.

It is important to be warned that according to multiple research studies, obesity or being overweight significantly increases the risk of various diseases and disorders. 

Scientists have been investigating on some natural weight management natural remedies like rhodiola rosea.

According to researchers, rhodiola possesses an active compound called rosavin. It is worth mentioning that rosavin works in shifting the body’s metabolism to burn fat for fuel. What makes it even more useful is that it also stimulates lipase, which is a hormone-sensitive enzyme. 

It is worth realizing that this enzyme specifically targets the body’s stored fat, which is then burned for energy. 

There is also evidence showing that combining rhodiola with regular exercise and calorie restriction could significantly aid in melting even more fat.

There are other mechanisms rhodiola has been found useful for weight management. It is also important to note that its use is actually associated with a wide range of health benefits. 

It doesn’t only have a potential to redirect the body’s metabolism in burning fat for energy, but also to ward off a range of diseases and disorders. There have been studies showing that this herb may be a useful preventive measures against a range of medical conditions. 

Supplements like Divine Bounty Rhodiola Rosea may be useful for individuals who want to experience the therapeutic goodness of this healing herb. 

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