Midland Park NJ Kitchen Renovation Home Construction Best Cabinet Guide Launched

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A new guide to the best kitchen cabinets for home renovations has been launched by the team at Oosting Construction. The contractors pride themselves on high quality, reliable and professional service.

Oosting Construction, the Midland Park, NJ-based construction and renovation specialist, has launched a new guide to the best kitchen cabinets for appearance and quality. The aim of the guide is to enable customers to make a more informed decision in regards to their renovation projects.

More information can be found at: https://oostingconstruction.com/which-kitchen-cabinets-are-best

The new guide offers in-depth advice on the most sought-after cabinets throughout Bergen County. Cabinets are a standout element in any kitchen, and can complete the look of a renovation project.

Oosting Construction was first established in 1981 as a leading contractor in Midland Park. Since then, the company has grown and now offers an expanded range of services to cover project management, home renovation, and property development.

Now they have launched their new guide to help customers make a more informed decision in regards to their development and design needs. The team explains that the best kitchen cabinets for appearance and quality are hardwood.

Pine, oak, hickory, cherry and maple are always popular choices. One of the primary benefits of hardwood for cabinets is that it’s durable and resists scratching.

In addition to this, it has a timeless elegance and quality look that can pair well with any decor style. Of the above-mentioned options, the guide explains that pine is the least expensive choice.

However, while pine adds an appealing rustic aesthetic to the home, it can also sustain damage more easily than the other options.

Oak is also highlighted as a proven and reliable choice. Oak is cheap, durable, and takes paint and stains well. In addition to this, the grain can show through for a unique kitchen look.

For durability, the guide recommends hickory. Customers won’t have to worry about damaging their cabinets, because it resists wear and tear well. There is also a wide-ranging color scheme available.

Interested parties can use the newly launched guide to plan, design and complete their new kitchen more easily.

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