Solana Beach CA Carpal Tunnel Tingling Arm Wrist Pain Relief Treatment Updated

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Solana Beach, CA, carpal tunnel specialist Dr. Fattie DC has launched an updated range of services to help patients experiencing tingling in their arms and wrists relieve these ailments using natural chiropractic techniques.

Solana Beach, CA-Health By The Sea (known as Dr. Fattie DC) has launched its updated specialized care to include carpal tunnel treatment. Patients experiencing pain or tingling in the arms can now contact Dr. Fattie at (858) 519-5461 to learn how their specialized carpal tunnel treatment can help them.

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Carpal tunnel syndrome is a tough health challenge that negatively impacts an individual’s day to day life, making it difficult to go through the day or even work. Some people are at a higher risk of the ailment, including pregnant women, overweight people, and those whose job entails working on a computer for long hours.

Health By The Sea has launched its updated carpal tunnel treatment to provide its clients with an effective and natural care plan that reduces the symptoms over time, rather than using pain relief medication or surgery.

Dr. Fattie utilizes unique but proven techniques, including therapeutic exercises, stretches, and specific chiropractic adjustments to treat the underlying issues. With Dr. Fattie’s methods and approach to carpal tunnel correction, patients can now stay pain-free for the long haul because the underlying issue resolves.

Residents of Solana Beach, CA can visit this carpal tunnel specialist. She utilizes natural chiropractic methods to treat carpal tunnel syndrome. The treatment technique reduces tingling in the arms, hands, forearm, and shoulder and helps relieve wrist pain without surgery and medication.

Other clients who frequent Dr. Fattie’s office see her for migraine and headaches, fibromyalgia, and upper cervical specific chiropractic care.

A company spokesperson said: “People who have dealt with carpal tunnel syndrome know how incredibly problematic it can be with regards to living day to day, let alone work. The problem is typically diagnosed when the area in the wrist that surrounds the nerve which travels into the hand becomes inflamed, causing hand and wrist pain. Our specialized carpal treatment offers a resolution of symptoms by correcting the underlying cause of the inflammation without drugs or surgery.”

Dr. Fattie has had her chiropractic studio in Del Mar, CA, since 2014 and has been practicing in San Diego since 2012. As an elite carpal tunnel specialist, she utilizes natural chiropractic techniques to provide long-term pain relief to her patients.

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