Servitization Manufacturing Sector Transition Profit Margins Whitepaper Released

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A new whitepaper on servitization has been launched to help companies shift their focus from selling one-off products to generating a large portion of their profits from providing services.

Michael Blumberg Advisory Group has released a whitepaper to help the manufacturing sector transition from a focus on product sales to a service contract model. The move to Servitization is a trend occurring within the industry that moves a company into service contracts, subscription-based services, and pay per use programs.

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The release was prompted by requests from original equipment manufacturers needing help to transition from product sales to marketing service contracts. The company works with Original Equipment Manufacturers, 3rd Party service providers, resellers, and distributors to build and grow profitable service business growth strategies. This is accomplished through a focus on service marketing, strategic innovation, and operational excellence.

Michael has developed an online course that provides the knowledge, insight, and strategies to help companies achieve exponential growth in service revenue and profits. The course helps companies overcome the current trend of flat or declining sales revenue. Michael Blumberg is the world’s leading expert in field service, aftermarket service, and reverse logistics. Blumberg has worked with IBM, Kodak, ABB, FedEx, Siemens, and GE.

The complimentary whitepaper is entitled “Service Marketing Mastery: Fundamental Concepts to Grow A Product-Service Business.” This resource was developed to help companies increase service revenue, profits, and customer satisfaction. Implementing the principles in this whitepaper gives company owners a strategy that seamlessly leads to service contracts after the product sale.

Applying the principles and knowledge in this whitepaper gives manufacturers, resellers, and independent service providers a pathway to shift from strictly product sales to service contracts and subscriptions.

A company spokesman said, “The perception a customer has about a service provider is what influences their decision to work with that service provider. Service marketers can manage perception through their brand and communications strategy. This whitepaper and accompanying online course helps companies make the transition.”

This whitepaper’s release gives companies a foundation of understanding as they transition into Servitization.

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