Personal Growth Science Based Behavior Change Book by Jeremy McGilvrey Launched

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Jeremy McGilvrey, a business coach from San Antonio, TX, announces the launch of his new book called CEO, which teaches science-based techniques to achieve success.

San Antonio, TX-based business coach Jeremy McGilvrey announces the launch of a new self-improvement book. Titled CEO, this book discusses science-based techniques for stopping unproductive patterns and developing healthier routines.

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This new science-based personal development book was launched to help people achieve their goals by unlocking their full potential. The lessons tackled are based on McGilvrey’s extensive experience as a successful serial entrepreneur and business consultant.

McGilvrey says that while many people aspire to quit bad habits and be more productive, many personal growth books are focused on conditioning the conscious mind. Furthermore, the tenets these offer are based on things that are not always reliable, such as insight, will power, motivation, and positive thinking.

CEO aims to bridge the gap between wanting to change and creating permanent change by focusing instead on science-based mind management tools. Jeremy McGilvrey adds that the ability to align subconscious beliefs with tangible goals is the missing link that other personal development books fail to teach.

Jeremy’s book places a special emphasis on recovering from setbacks, as failure often deters people from achieving their goals. It then discusses the ways people can create a meaningful shift in their life, where one success leads to another.

Readers can discover a more sustainable approach to personal growth, where the desire to succeed does not waver in the face of adversity. As such, the book is especially geared towards aspiring entrepreneurs, who must face many challenges before launching their business.

CEO usually retails for $29 but is being offered for free for a limited time only. Those who pick up Jeremy’s book will also receive three complimentary training videos worth $197.

Jeremy McGilvrey is a prominent entrepreneur, business consultant, and motivational speaker. He has appeared on national media outlets such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, HuffPost, and NBC, among others.

McGilvrey states: “Success isn’t a goal, it’s a mindset. Unfortunately, relying on the conscious mind alone is not enough to reach your goals; what you need are science-backed tools to help you conquer whatever challenges life throws way.”

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