Business Credit Building Without Personal Guarantee Financing Course Launched

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An Atlanta business consultancy has launched a live weekly webinar designed to help entrepreneurs around the U.S. build independent business credit scores for their loan applications.

A consultancy in Atlanta has launched a webinar aimed at business owners who want to establish a positive business credit profile that is exclusive to their companies.

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Oxford Pierpont is offering entrepreneurs across the U.S. an online resource that teaches how to build good business credit unaffected by potentially bad personal scores. This webinar is free of charge and sessions are hosted live every Thursday.

It will show participants how to avoid personal guarantees, which typically involves putting in line personal assets, by gradually separating their personal credit from their businesses. Each session will cover all the steps needed to correctly establish a solid business credit foundation.

Furthermore, the lesson will also cover how business owners can utilize their newly built business credit profiles to secure six-figure loans. According to the company, this section is ideal for those who are looking for a means to fund expansions to new markets or services.

The Small Business Administration stated that to keep one’s business finances separate, the first step is to build credit under the company’s name.

While corporations and limited liability companies are recognized as separate legal entities, some types of enterprises, such as sole proprietorships and certain kinds of partnerships, are financially linked to their owners.

In these structures, business credit profiles are non-existent, which means that lenders will have to base their decisions on the owner’s credit. “If they have poor credit, they won’t qualify for a business loan,” an Oxford Pierpont spokesperson explained.

Business credit scores typically range from zero to 100 and are used to determine a business’s creditworthiness. A number of factors can affect this score, including payment habits, type of industry, derogatory records, and more. For instance, Experian examines over 140 variables in determining a company’s credit score.

Webinar host Oxford Pierpont provides business consulting, financing, and marketing services to clients in different parts of the country. Its financial solutions are focused on helping entrepreneurs find capital to start a business or fund an expansion project.

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