US Pet Travel Carriers Kennels Fashion Grooming Products Online Store Launched

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Miami based Paws Gear 4 U has launched a new online store offering a comprehensive range of unique and high-quality pet products from carriers and kennels, to fashion and grooming accessories.

Paws Gear 4 U, a new Miami based online pet supply retailer, has launched its new web store boasting over 40 unique categories of pet products catering to all types of pets and home, outdoor and travel needs.

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The launch of the new store coincides with the end of the holiday season, a time in which many American families give and receive pets as gifts.

Catering both to these recent pet owners as well as those more experienced and well-equipped owners, Paws Gear 4 U is determined to create a new, comprehensive and affordable store for pet supplies.

With a particular focus on pet travel supplies, Paws Gear 4 U offers a range of car seat boosters of various heights and sizes, car seat covers, including waterproof covers, licensed safety car seats, pet net car barriers and more. Beyond car travel needs they are also selling a complete range of pet carriers in all shapes and materials, outdoor pop up canopies, tents and play pens.

This is in addition to their high-quality range of grooming products, pet fashion accessories and home furnishing wares including designer pet beds, lounges, feeders and more.

With helpful categories and a clear site design that allows interested customers to navigate their vast product listing, Paws Gear has products to suit cats, dogs, reptiles, birds and other small animals.

Pet lovers can also enjoy Paw Gear’s regularly updated blog page which features many informative tips about how to select the best products to suit a pet’s needs.

Interested customers can also benefit from the website’s transparent shipping, returns and exchanges information and policies.

The product of years of industry and sales experience, Paws Gear 4 U was founded at the end of 2020. The brand has a mission to create a user-friendly, fast and convenient online shopping experience, whilst still providing the utmost level of customer service.

A spokesperson for the company said, “we have gone to great lengths to offer the best quality pet travel gear to our customers at affordable prices, as we know our customers will always be the key to our success.”

Interested parties can access more information by visiting the website above.