Millennial Trading Strategies For Increased Financial Literacy Report Launched

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A new report has been launched aimed at Millennials and Gen Z investors who may be new to the market. It is designed to increase the financial literacy of those utilizing mobile trading platforms.

A new report has been launched aimed at Millennials and Gen Z investors who want to increase their financial literacy. Diversit-e Smart Trade College understands the increased access to trading platforms through apps has seen a surge in young investors.

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The newly launched report features strategies designed to increase the financial literacy of those interested in learning more about the stock market before investing. Diversit-e Smart Trade College aims to provide proven strategies as it is a well-known fact traders can make both great profits and losses.

It utilizes information from Jesse Livermore’s Methods of Trading in Stocks book, which was published in 1940. Jesse was worth approximately $1.5 billion in the equivalent of today’s currency at his peak in 1929.

He is seen as an inspirational figure because he utilized his own platform and his own funds. One of the strategies discussed within the report is learning to follow the direction of a stock and only trading when the market is bullish or bearish.

Bullish can be an attitude or an action as it means an asset is expected or believed to rise. Bearish is the opposite meaning the value is believed to decrease. The report states that when the market is following a particular trend, it is likely other stocks will follow.

Knowing when to continue with or end a trade can be daunting for investors who are new to the market. Many people are optimistic when a stock they hold falls, however it may be better to end those trades in a bid to prevent further losses.

Many mobile investors who utilize apps to trade may be looking for quick wins, but that is not how the market works as it takes time for stocks to settle and rise after an Initial Public Offering (IPO).

A spokesperson said: “Hope and wishful thinking are not strategies – keep to the facts that your research and the market show. Hoping things will turn out in the end will not generate profits.”

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