Reusable Lightweight Face Shield With FDA Approved Lens For Caps Visors Launched

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A personal safety gear company based in Canada introduces their updated collection of face shields that are designed for use with standard caps or visors.

Canada-based company Cap Shields launches their updated line of reusable face shields for adults and children. Using three simple clips, the patent-pending products can be attached to any regular cap or visor brim.

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The newly updated product range aims to bring more options to individuals who are looking to reduce or prevent acne breakouts. With the health risks posed by the ongoing pandemic, people are often left with no resort but to wear face masks for long periods of time when they go out. This has been reported to cause skin chafing, irritation, and pimple-like bumps in some people.

The company’s face shields are designed to serve either as an additional barrier to prevent large droplets from reaching the face and eyes, or as an alternative to face masks in situations where proper social distancing can be safely observed.

Since the face shields can be matched with different kinds of headgear, users remain free to express themselves through fashion. For retail stores, restaurants, and other establishments, the products can provide their employees with adequate protection without compromising their branding. With their plain designs, the face shields can complement any color or logo.

Cap Shields are also lightweight and comfortable, making them suitable for all-day use. Made locally in Canada, they feature a lens material that has been approved by the FDA and can be sanitized every day for reuse.

The face shields are manufactured with sustainability as a primary consideration. A spokesperson from the company states, “Our face shields are designed to be reusable, and when they are no longer wearable, every part of a Cap Shield is recyclable. We ship your Cap Shields in cardboard boxes with craft paper stuffing that’s easy to recycle. Our retail packaging is 100% recyclable paperboard material.”

For businesses with physical and online stores, Cap Shields welcomes the opportunity to partner with resellers. Their products come in retail packaging, so they can be easily integrated to an existing product line.

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