Disinfectant Robot Bed Bug Killer Home Hygiene Portable Gadget Launched

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The CleanseBot has launched on MommyFanatic.com. The smart robot can kill germs and bacteria that are associated with airborne viruses and sanitize the home.

Mommy Fanatic.com, an online shop that sells homeware, tech, gadgets, and health and beauty items, has launched the CleanseBot, a portable disinfectant bed bug killer.

More information on the launch can be found by visiting https://mommyfanatic.com/shopcleansebot

The newly launched CleanseBot is a smart robot designed for use during the pandemic and is able to kill germs and bacteria associated with contagious diseases.

It is stylish-looking, featuring a modern, white design, and portable. The item is small enough to fit inside a backpack or suitcase or be easily stored in the home.

The home hygiene tool can kill 99.9 percent of germs, bacteria, and dust mites, prevent airborne viruses and sanitize and disinfect the home.

The item is suitable for use in the home or for travel and can disinfect hotel rooms, clean bedsheets, and kill bed bugs.

The new product uses 19 smart AI sensors and four UV-C lamps which work to remove germs and bacteria on surfaces in the home. It is fast charging and also features a power bank mode which can be used to power any device using the USB-C port.

The company claims it is a reliable and affordable alternative to the RokuBot, and they say studies have shown it is capable of combatting airborne viruses.

Users are instructed to set the smart, portable robot on the bed, and leave it to work for 30 or 60 minutes. The robot will travel over the surface of the bedsheets and use sensors to navigate around the bed.

Individuals can also use the CleanseBot’s handheld mode to disinfect other surfaces by placing the handle cover on the item, and moving it along the surface they wish to sanitize.

Interested parties can see a demo of the CleanseBot in use by visiting https://youtu.be/fToeMylIils

The CleanseBot is currently available to purchase on the website and is priced at $160.98. It ships in three to 10 business days and customers are entitled to a return or refund.

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