South East London Loxone Smart Home Installation Expert Service Launched

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C Hurst Electrical Contractors, a company of South East London electrical experts, has launched its Loxone smart home installation service to customers in Sydenham, Forest Hill and across London.

South East London-based C Hurst Electrical Contractors has launched its Loxone smart home installation service in Sydenham, Forest Hill and across London. The Loxone smart home solution is designed to help cut household energy costs and add a feeling of luxury, while still being affordable.

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The south east London launch will see C Hurst Electrical Contractors’ expert electricians installing Loxone technology, a complete smart home solution. The system is designed to reduce energy costs and enable customers to control lighting, heating, security, audio, blinds, solar PV and more through intelligent automation.

Research by The Eco Home found that 57% of British households currently contain a smart device. They forecast that by 2023 16.7% of global households will own at least one smart device. The most common devices are smart meters or thermostats and smart speakers.

Loxone technology manages multiple appliances and household functions using the Mini Server, or ‘brain’. The Mini Server monitors and responds to the household’s environment, reacting to changes in lighting levels and temperature, as well as identifying security breaches.

As London’s leading installer of Loxone technology, C Hurst Electrical Contractors works with both domestic and commercial properties. Smart home installations are their fastest growing enterprise as customers are looking for energy efficiency and convenience.

C Hurst Electrical Contractors offers standard installation packages for two, three and four-bedroom properties and for a smart kitchen or smart loft only. For other types of home or commercial properties, for instance hotels, schools and cinema rooms, they will offer a bespoke quotation.

A spokesperson for the company said: “With people increasingly extending their homes, Smart Home automation has proven to meet their needs in energy efficiency and control and provides luxury to their lives without a heavy price tag.”

Interested parties can find more information and get in touch at the link mentioned above.