Happiness Increase Mood 30 Day Best Life Practical Email Course Released

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A Cupful of Happy, an online website, released a mini-course to benefit individuals who desire to add an increased level of happiness to their everyday lives.

Online website, A Cupful of Happy, has released a mini-course about happiness. The course focuses on the concept that happiness is a choice and includes practical applications to increase an individual’s happiness.

More information is available at https://acupfulofhappy.com/30-days-challenge

The course was released in response to numerous studies that claim individuals are experiencing an overall decline of happiness in recent years.

Through the years, an alarmingly increased amount of people report struggling with a decreased amount of happiness in their everyday life. From 2011 to 2020, the percentage of individuals stating that they are happy has decreased by 14 points globally. It has decreased by at least five points or more in 17 out of 23 countries surveyed.

Anxiety is especially prevalent during these challenging times. Unfortunately, anxiety is often linked to depression. A Cupful of Happy aims to arm individuals with tools to combat unhappiness with the assistance of a 30 day mini-course.

The 30 Days to a Happier Life Mini-Course was designed with the concept that it takes just thirty days to change an old habit or to establish a new one. Each day, for 30 days, the course provides an email with that day’s “Happiness Lesson.” The lessons are brief and easy to follow. The exercises are unique each day. Some exercises involve deep introspection, while others list a simple task to complete.

The course is designed for individuals who crave more happiness in their life and desire to learn to rely on themselves for happiness as opposed to other people or material objects.

A spokesperson for the course stated: “During the next month, you will take small actions, make small changes, that over 30 days will add up and augment each other resulting in an improved mood and outlook on life. When you take the time to read it, digest it, and use it, it will start to make a positive change in your life very quickly.”

Interested parties can find additional details about the mini-course at the above mentioned website