Vancouver BC Bowen Naturopathy CBHT Therapist Training Programme Expanded

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Vancouver-based medical school, Bowen College, have expanded their services to include a ‘Preparation for Certification’ course, helping students on their path to becoming health therapists.

Bowen College, in Vancouver, BC, have expanded their program to include a ‘Preparation for Certification’ course, helping to prepare students training to be Certified Bowen Health Therapists (CBHT) for their future careers.

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Bowen College introduced this program for students in the final steps of training, helping them prepare to begin work as health therapists with the Canadian Board of Health Care Practitioners.

Healthcare professionals are a vital part of Canada’s health system, and Bowen College offers multiple training courses to create these professionals and build expertise. The college teaches BowenFirst therapy, a natural, body-mind integrated method of relieving pain and promoting healing. The BowenFirst Technique is a form of body manipulation therapy, using gentle pressure to activate nerve bundles and stimulate the brain and nervous system.

The Preparation for Certification course is available to all students studying any BowenFirst programs at the college. It tests knowledge through written and practical examinations, including workshops to refine skills and gain hands-on experience to meet the practical hours required for certification with the Canadian Board of Health Care Practitioners.

The BowenFirst selection of training programs are suitable for a wide range of people, including practicing professionals wanting to learn new skills, new health professionals who want a change of career, and the Reboot Home Care Kit, allowing friends and family to incorporate Bowen therapy into at-home care.

The ‘foundation program’ offers training to those new to healthcare who want to deepen their understanding of Bowen therapy. The ‘transition program’ allows anyone studying with Bowen College to enhance their knowledge and professional practice to progress in their career.

Finally, the ‘transformation program’ is available to all healthcare practitioners and works to sharpen skills and create experts in their field. All courses include extended practical workshops and online e-learning courses.

Bowen College also offers two professional development programs, ‘business success’ and ‘mastermind’, available for all health professionals. These courses teach practical and sustainable practices and how to reach out to more clients to make a business succeed.

With many years of experience in training healthcare professionals including doctors, sports therapists, chiropractors and homeopaths, Bowen College’s curriculum is dedicated to patient experience and healing, focusing on listening to the symptoms and treating the problems rather than masking them.

One student stated that her “experience with Bowen College has been extraordinary”, with “outstanding levels of support and encouragement”. She says that Dr Manon Bollinger, ND, founder of Bowen College, teaches with “passion and experience”, and “inspires students to continue to learn and grow as a practitioner”.

Interested readers can find more information about the BowenFirst therapy technique and book a consultation as a patient or as a student at the above-mentioned website.