Trauma-Based Dual Diagnosis Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Services Launched

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The rehabilitation services at Mountain Peak Recovery have been updated. The center provides nationwide residential and outpatient treatment to individuals with dual diagnosis drug abuse issues.

Mountain Peak Recovery has announced an update to its rehab treatment services. The Utah-based company offers trauma-based dual diagnosis drug rehab treatment services across the United States.

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With the newly updated services, Mountain Peak Recovery aims to provide the best therapeutic environment for individuals struggling with substance use disorders. This, a representative for the rehab center said, serves to enable these individuals and their families to achieve learning that is conducive to recovery.

Mountain Peak Recovery understands that addiction brings darkness into one’s relationship and life choices. As such, the rehab center serves as a beacon of light in the lives of the troubled individuals in their care, as they fight the shadows created by addiction.

The work carried out at Mountain Peak Recovery is hinged on the principle that once the light is found within an individual, then the healing of the mind, body, and spirit can take place.

“Mountain Peak Recovery helps our clients elevate their level of treatment and individual growth through motivation, inspiration, and a thoughtful mind. We believe it is important to not only understand the story of each of our clients, but also to embrace and help our clients accept and understand the light and darkness in their past, present, and future,” the representative stated.

Believing in the co-occurrence of mental disorder and substance abuse, Mountain Peak Recovery works closely to help patients in whom this is found. This, the center does through its mental disorder and substance abuse residential and outpatient treatment center.

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It is a known fact, in the psychiatric arena, that drug abuse often induces psychiatric disorders, like hallucinations. This poses a challenge in the task of diagnosing psychiatric disorders in substance abusers.

As such, Mountain Peak Recovery works to differentiate between substance induced and pre-existing mental illness in its dual-diagnosis patients. This differentiation is required since the identification of substance-abuse versus independent psychiatric ailments or disorders determines the type of treatment to be prescribed to a patient.

The representative explained that “drug abuse including alcohol and prescription drugs, can induce symptomatology which resembles mental disease; which can make it tricky to differentiate between substance induced psychiatric symptoms and pre-existing mental health difficulties”.

Statistics have shown that few individuals who require dual diagnosis drug rehab receive treatment for the two disorders or more they are suffering with. Mountain Peak Recovery is one of the few diagnostic rehabilitation centers that practice such treatments.

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