Sleep Debt Daily Energy Tracking Wellness Productivity Improvement App Launched

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A new sleep and energy (circadian) tracking app has been launched by Rise Science. The RISE app helps customers track sleep debt and daily energy, and use personalized recommendations to optimize their days and nights for enhanced wellbeing and productivity.

Rise Science has launched a new sleep and energy tracking app to improve sleep and daily energy for customers. The RISE tracker app is designed to provide accurate insight into sleeping patterns and peaks and dips in daily energy. Customers can see how changes in their sleep affect their energy schedule (circadian rhythm) and use personalized in-app “habits” and notifications to optimize their days and nights accordingly.

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With the importance of sleep becoming mainstream news in recent years, there has been a surge in the prominence of sleep improvement and tracker products. However, the team at Rise Science explains that customers don’t need an expensive mattress or wearable product to monitor their sleep patterns or make meaningful changes to how well they sleep at night and feel during the day.

The RISE app has been designed based on well understood scientific concepts like sleep debt and circadian rhythms, and the team has made these intuitive and applicable to everyday life.

To build the app, Rise Science co-founders Leon Sasson and Jeff Kahn drew on their sleep science and behavioral science backgrounds to unlock product discoveries that otherwise aren’t on the market today.

RISE is software only, meaning that customers don’t have to go out of their way to track their sleep. The app takes advantage of iPhone and Android gyroscope and motion sensors to let anyone know how to improve their sleep and energy.

RISE does sync with other sleep wearables and trackers, like Fitbit, Garmin, and Oura, to help customers use the sleep data captured by these other devices and apps to make improvements to their sleep and energy. RISE will soon be available as an Apple Watch app.

The team explains that most everybody is sleep deprived, but they don’t realize it. Although people’s brains adapt to sleep deprivation, when people miss out on necessary sleep, “sleep debt” is accumulated and health and performance degrade.

The amount of sleep debt that people carry with them is the biggest predictor for how they feel and perform throughout the day. It’s for this reason that tracking sleep can be so beneficial.

Customers will find that RISE starts working from day one, since it pulls historical data from the phone. Because it starts working right away, customers can start to feel the benefits within five days. This leads to enhanced wellbeing, energy, and productivity.

A spokesperson for the company states: “It’s not just about how you slept last night; not time in REM or any other sleep stage; and not your mattress. Sleep researchers agree — your sleep debt is what predicts how you’ll feel and perform today. RISE calculates your sleep debt daily and helps you pay it down.”

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