How To Detect Exact Water Leak Spot in Your Swimming Pool?

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( — January 27, 2021) — It is easy to detect water leaks in the plumbing system of the house. Like in bathrooms, kitchens, washrooms, laundry, and basements, you can easily find any signs of water leaks. But, detecting a pool leak is a bit tricky.

The main reason is the confusion between water leaks and water evaporation in extreme weather. During the summer season, a lot of water evaporates in the air. So, when owners look at a decrease in the water level of the swimming pool they believe it is just the normal evaporation, even if it is a pool leak.

So, you need to differentiate between normal water evaporation and a water leak in the swimming pool. For this you can adopt these two simple tests:

Water Bucket Test

The first test to differentiate between water evaporation from the swimming pool and water leak in the pool is a water bucket test. In this test, you need to have an empty bucket of almost 5 gallons capacity, a marker to mark the bucket, and two small-sized bricks to use as a weight.

Put your water bucket on the 2nd or 3rd step of the pool, so that some part of the bucket is above the water level in the pool. Put two small bricks in the bucket so that it stays in its position due to weight.

Now fill the bucket with the water and make sure that the water level outside the bucket and inside the bucket is even. Mark that level from inside and outside of the bucket by using a marker.

Turn off the pool refilling and circulation pump, so that no water can enter or exit the pool from the plumbing system.

Now, check the water level on next day. If there is a slight drop of water level in the bucket and in the pool, but both levels are even, then it is water evaporation.

If you find a noticeable difference, the water level in the bucket is high and the water level in the swimming pool is low, then it is not water evaporation, it indicates a pool leak.

Marking Tape Test

You can also adopt a marking tape test for the detection of water leaks in the swimming pool. This would be a simple test. Just apply marking tape on the wall of the pool right at the level of the water.

Wait for 24 hours and check the decrease in the water level. If it is only a few centimeters drops, then it is evaporation, but if it is about 2 inches drop in the water level, then it means you have a pool leak issue.

Detect The Pool Leak Spot

Now, when you know that you have a pool leak problem, not you must find out the exact point from where the pool is a leak.

For this, you need to turn off the water pumps so no water enters the pool. Let the water drain from the leak wherever it is. If the leak is small you may need to wait for many days. When you notice that no water is draining out of the pool and now the level is almost fixed for one whole day, mark that location.

Now find any cracks in the pool wall right above the level of water. You will eventually see a crack from where water is leaking.

Now, without wasting any time, call a pool contractor and fix your swimming pool water leak.