A Guide To Hair Loss Facts and Fiction

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(Newswire.net — January 27, 2021) — Hair loss happens to virtually all of us. And that’s the first fact. It is very rare to get through life without losing a significant amount of hair. We get wrinkles, our muscles lose definition, and our hair falls out. That’s about the size of it. 

Another fact is doctors are still unravelling the complete truth about hair loss. And with that, they are still trying to find better solutions for it. However, people are still unsure about the real causes of hair loss. So, in this fun guide, we debunk some hair loss myths and find out some truths by separating the fact from the fiction.

Fact or Fiction? – Masturbation Makes Your Hair Fall Out

Well, it’s bad enough dealing with hair loss without people jumping to the conclusion it’s because you can’t leave yourself alone. Is there a shred of truth to this crazy statement?

There are two ways of looking at this one. Perhaps it’s the loss of protein during ejaculation that might affect hair growth? However, the amount of protein lost is so minuscule that it makes no measurable difference to the amount we ingest in a day. So consider that one debunked. 

The other argument is that masturbation is associated with testosterone levels and DHT, which is a hormone linked to hair loss. However, when adults abstained in a 2001 study, this was found to increase testosterone levels – rather than decrease it. So in conclusion, if you want to, well you go ahead, no need to worry about losing your hair. 

Fact or Fiction? –  Vitamins Can Stop Hair Loss

This is rather a grey area because yes they can and no they can’t. Hair growth, like many bodily functions and repair, requires a host of vitamins and minerals. If you are deficient in certain vitamins, then a symptom could be hair loss. It can happen that maybe you go to college, start a new job, your partner who did all the cooking moves out – and your diet goes down the pan. Along with this, you then suffer noticeable hair loss. 

Deficiencies of iron, zinc and vitamin D are strongly linked to hair loss. Of course, the best course of action is to correct your diet, but an excellent multi supplement can help you get back on track.  But for the most part, you’ll find that the reason for hair loss is not a vitamin deficiency. If you have male or female pattern baldness or baldness due to ageing, while stocking up on protein and essential vitamins and minerals is always good, it won’t regrow your hair. 

Fact or Fiction? – Hair Transplants Are Incredibly Expensive

It’s a common myth that only celebrities or the rich and famous can afford a hair transplant. And if you search for a hair transplant surgery in the UK, the US or Western Europe, you can see why. You will find prices to be high, possibly in the region of at least £5,000 and up to £30,000. 

However, the increase in health tourism had made hair transplants relatively inexpensive and affordable for most people. You can head to the global epicentre for hair transplants which is Turkey. This is where 65% of all worldwide hair transplants are performed due to Turkish expertise and low prices. 

Hair transplants in Turkey can cost less than £1,500, and many of the world’s top hair transplant experts offer their services at Turkish clinics. A three-day stay to the capital Istanbul is the perfect getaway. And you can relax in any of the several luxury 5-star hotels while you recuperate from your hair restoration procedure.