Tyler Texas Urgent Care Clinics Best Contactless Payment Options System Launched

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Grab Customers, an online company, launched a contactless payment system to benefit urgent care clinics and other businesses in Tyler, Texas by providing contactless transactions.

Grab Customers, an online company, has launched a new contactless payment system in Tyler, Texas. The system is expected to benefit urgent care clinics and other area businesses by providing a means of safe and convenient payment transactions.

More details are available at https://grabcustomers.com/contactless-payments

The launch comes in response to rising demand for safe and convenient payment options.

Due to the ongoing global pandemic, many urgent care clinics’ top priority is protecting the health and safety of patients and staff by following evolving CDC guidelines. Many patients have become so fearful that they delay seeking care due to concerns regarding the multiple interactions required at an urgent care clinic.

Grab Customers can help digitize their appointments and provide a cashless payment solution to help ease patients’ concerns. This helps to minimize interactions between patients and staff.

Too often patients delay seeking treatment due to uncertainty of their ability to afford the cost of a visit. The new system allows urgent care clinics to help relieve patients’ anxiety by offering contactless payment options in advance.

When patients inquire about price, clinics can refer patients to the system to pay base price by mobile booking before other services are added. Later, full payment can be collected or a payment plan can be added immediately after services by using the same payment system.

Grab Customers’ contactless payment system minimizes contact for patients and staff by making it easy to send and receive payment on any mobile device. The system can be tied to a website, emails or social media. It can also work on top of an existing merchant processor. It allows potential patients to pay remotely and in advance. It speeds up account receivables, helps lower chargebacks and eliminates transaction costs.

Grab Customers’ team is available to provide service solutions and insights regarding contactless payment for urgent care clinics.

A spokesperson for the company stated: “Most clinics require some form of payment at or before the time of service. Our contactless payment system ensures clinics will receive funds into their account in two business days or less. It’s a great solution especially for after hour services, on weekends, and for 24 hour emergency situations.”

Interested parties can schedule a complimentary live demo at the above mentioned website.