The Cardtonic Trading App Works the Room for Office Gift Card Holders

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( — January 27, 2021) — For businesses and employees, Christmas 2020 was a festive season like no other.  As the pandemic swept through the season like a viral grinch, closing down Christmas parties and canceling Secret Santas, business owners and staff were forced to adapt.  Over the Christmas period, celebrations were replaced with Zoom get-togethers and the traditional exchange of workplace presents was replaced with gift cards. Since the beginning of 2020, the Cardtonic Trading App has seen a surge in people looking to offload unwanted cards due to this new way of giving during the new normal. 

The Cardtonic Trading App is in business for unwanted cards.

While gift cards are a great solution when you’re unable to physically exchange presents and tokens, they can also lead to a lot of waste.  The convenience of posting or emailing a gift card to somebody is offset by the need to know which card to buy.  Employers and staff often only have a vague knowledge of a colleague’s interests and preferences, despite working nearby during more ordinary times.  This, combined with increasingly busy lives, means that people will often just buy the most readily available gift card, such as Amazon or iTunes.  Although it is, of course, the thought that counts, all of this means that people are frequently receiving gift cards for an outlet in which they have no interest or a store which, due to location or time, they’re simply unable to visit.  For these reasons, millions of gift cards go unused every year, with the balances eventually reverting to the retailer on expiry.  When a few people have money to burn, this kind of waste can be devastating – and it’s also unnecessary.  Thankfully, the Cardtonic Trading App is a new way of swapping unwanted cards for wanted ones. 

A new way forward

The Cardtonic Trading App is a unique platform and app which allows gift cardholders to buy, sell and trade gift cards from a wide range of outlets, including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, iTunes, Google Play, and many more and exchange them from Naira.  Fully encrypted and professionally audited, the Cardtonic Trading App is the first of its kind to offer current market value for commonly purchased gift cards.  Members can quickly and easily exchange their cards for Naira or a different type of gift card, making it a win-win for everybody concerned. 

It’s more important than ever for employers and colleagues to stay connected and gift cards are a great way of showing appreciation.  If you’re unsure of a colleague or employer’s preferences, it’s best to choose a card that can be used at a wide range of outlets to minimize the chances of the card going to waste.  However, if this isn’t possible, the Cardtonic Trading App offers a viable solution for all those unwanted cards.