Thermal CA Spinal Decompression Herniated Disc Chiropractic Treatment Launched

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Spinal Injury center in Coachella Valley, CA, announced updated non-invasive spinal decompression treatments for patients experiencing chronic pain caused by a herniated disc.

Spinal Injury Center, a chiropractic care clinic in Indio, California has launched updated spinal decompression treatment services for patients suffering from a herniated disc. The center’s director Dr. Marco Cazares, D.C. has been offering trusted integrative medicine to Coachella Valley residents for over two decades.

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The newly launched treatments aim to provide a natural approach to the diagnosis and treatment of pain using the most advanced chiropractic technology.

Herniated discs, which can be caused by a single excessive injury or degeneration with age, can result in pain, numbness, or weakness in the back, arms, or legs. This pain can be treated using spinal decompression, a non-surgical procedure in which a chiropractor moves a patient’s spine on a motorized table to relieve pressure.

Spinal Injury Center’s team of professionals can create a customized spinal decompression treatment plan to relieve each patient’s chronic pain without the use of prescription medication or invasive surgery.

The clinic’s chiropractor begins his diagnostic process with a comprehensive physical exam, a discussion about medical history, and any additional tests needed.

Typical spinal decompression treatments take between four to six weeks, with each session lasting under 45 minutes.

During the treatment, patients lie fully-clothed on a movable table while their doctor transitions between traction and relaxation settings via a computer. Although it may cause a subtle stretching sensation of the spine, spinal decompression is typically a pain-free procedure.

Beyond chronic pain relief, the treatment can improve the overall health of the spine, promote disc regeneration, heal and free nerve roots, and improve neural transmission.

Spinal decompression can also benefit patients suffering from other health conditions, including sciatica, spinal stenosis, and facet syndrome.

Individuals experiencing signs of a herniated disc or similar spinal injuries can schedule a consultation appointment at Spinal Injury Center.

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A spokesperson for the company said: “We combine homeopathic medicine with proven, natural approaches to healing. This gives our patients a unique advantage in their quest to improve their health. The biggest benefit is in the results we get for our patients.”

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