Groveland FL Grief And Loss Counseling Support Therapy Services Launched

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The Grief Leaf of Groveland, FL announces an updated suite of counseling services geared towards helping children, adults, and families cope with loss and mourning.

Groveland, FL-based The Grief Leaf announces the launch of its updated loss and mourning counseling service. This offering aims to help clients work through their pain and adopt healthier ways of processing grief.

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This updated service is geared towards people who are struggling with loss, whether it is due to the death of a loved one or a life-changing event. Counseling is ideal for clients of all backgrounds and ages and is designed to help them regain control of their lives.

Laurie Robbins-Ryan, the founder of The Grief Leaf, notes that at least 10% of all grievers experience overwhelming feelings of loss. Left unaddressed, these negative emotions can hamper daily life and may even cause people to adopt dysfunctional habits.

The Grief Leaf provides a safe haven for grieving individuals where they can receive much-needed support and guidance. Clients can freely express their fears, regrets, and guilt in the presence of a certified grief coach who can show them how to deal with these complicated emotions.

Clients may choose to attend either one-on-one or group sessions with Robbins-Ryan, depending on their circumstances. The Grief Leaf also offers counseling for families, as loss and grief often affect more than just one individual.

The firm offers a special Childhood Grief Program to young clients who oftentimes have a harder time dealing with loss. It also provides educational presentations and workshops to businesses, organizations, and large groups.

Robbins-Ryan says that loss counseling is crucial because it helps people understand and accept the various stages of loss. Moreover, it teaches people how to adopt a future-focused mindset without feeling guilty about moving on from their grief.

The Grief Leaf was founded by Laurie Robbins-Ryan as a result of her own journey through grief. After losing both her husband and mother in the same year, she took a nationwide grief coach program and became a professional grief coach shortly thereafter.

A client had this to say of her service: “The exercises and activities we did in every session really helped me appreciate my life and be grateful for the people and relationships I have. I was thankful to know my feelings of anxiety were normal.”

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