Palm Springs CA Bad Credit Repair Affordable Unsecured Loan Service Launched

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Private Money Connect and Fundwise Capital has added a credit repair solution to its range of loan services, allowing clients to obtain financing even if they have a bad credit history.

Private Money Connect and Fundwise Capital announced the launch of updated personal and business funding services for clients looking for loans and financing.

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The loan company, based in Palm Springs, California, now offers a credit repair solution that enables entrepreneurs to obtain the financing they need even if they have a poor credit score. Businesses and families that choose to go through Private Money Connect’s credit wipe program to become eligible for funding will be able to apply for a loan again in as little as 90 days.

By using the service, potential customers will see any negative item, such as bankruptcy, inquiry, or late payment, removed from their credit report.

Also, Private Money Connect can help clients get unclaimed funding, obtain a settlement loan, or secure financing for a judgment buyout.

In today’s challenging environment, having easy access to fresh capital is key for entrepreneurs to remain successful. Many business owners, particularly startups, often get rejected for funding at their local bank, which makes the situation even more complex and stressful. This does not necessarily mark the end of a business, as there are other options a business can take.

Applying for Private Money Connect’s unsecured financing products could prove the solution for many entrepreneurs seeking an affordable source of funding. Potential customers would obtain critical business financing through a simple process with minimum requirements needed.

There are, however, various unique challenges that small business owners face now, and some firms may turn to be ineligible for funding. Private Money Connect has the resources to tackle problems connected with a damaged credit history that could be difficult for entrepreneurs to resolve on their own, making them fund-ready again.

Borrowers are only required to fill out the application form available on the company’s website and they will be contacted by a company representative.

Private Money Connect also offers bridge funding, various financing programs for startups, real estate investment loans, and credits for buying a business or franchise.

Interested parties are invited to visit the above URL to learn more about the funding options available.