San Antonio TX Content Amplification Branding Campaign Service Launched

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San Antonio based digital marketing company Squawkia updated its services to offer high-quality content amplification for local businesses interested in getting more leads and improving their digital marketing ROI.

Squawkia, a content creation and marketing platform, announced the availability of a new solution for companies interested in promoting their products and services in an effective way. The company provides service packages allowing local businesses to communicate directly to their potential customers using a variety of multimedia content.

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The latest announcement aims to provide a flexible digital marketing solution that can help businesses across sectors promote their products and services in an effective way.

The current pandemic has led to an unprecedented growth in online traffic, as consumers throughout the world are relying increasingly on digital devices to find businesses in their areas. Surveys show data use going up by 50% to 70% in the US, making digital visibility a crucial factor affecting overall business success.

Squawkia offers an effective content-based digital marketing solution that can help businesses generate high-quality traffic to their websites and expand their digital presence.

The agency partners with a team of professional content creators and marketing strategists to create news articles, blog posts, podcasts, videos and slideshows adapted to the brand profile and online goals of each client.

A standard campaign results in hundreds of stories published on high-authority websites, making it an effective way to maximize online visibility.

The content is keyword-optimized to ensure optimal Google performance, with many businesses seeing first-page results within as little as 48 hours after the start of the campaign. Since standard SEO can take months to produce visible results, the agency’s content amplification solution is an effective alternative to traditional search optimization.

A spokesperson for the agency said: “The Squawkia content creation and amplification software platform can take any product, business, website or piece of content and automatically advertise it across major news sites, high traffic blogs, podcast directories, slideshare, video sites and more, in multiple formats, all automatically.”

Clients can currently run one, two or four campaigns per month, depending on their needs and budget.

With the latest announcement, the company continues to expand its range of high-quality digital marketing solutions.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.