More Studies Now Suggest Curcumin Aids In IBD Management

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( — February 5, 2021) Las Vegas, NV — Irritable Bowel Diseases (IBD) produces some paralyzing symptoms, and this is why individuals with this condition are advised to manage it better.

Many sufferers of this condition experience symptoms like nausea, extreme abdominal pain, and loose stools. It could also lead to rectal bleeding, persistent diarrhea, and weight loss. 

It is worth mentioning that IBD, such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, affects 1 in 200 individuals. These are painful, life disruptive diseases that trigger chronic inflammation and cause damage in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. 

There have been many IBD sufferers who needed numerous hospitalizations and surgery. A majority of these people suffer these conditions between the ages of 15 and 35, although the disease can occur at any age.

It is worth mentioning that the exact causes of IBD are not completely understood. However, it has been theorized to be due to the interaction between genes, the immune system, gut microbiome and environmental factors. 

Doctors have long recommended to ensure that IBD medications are regularly taken. Following the right diet and exercise is another important step to take in the management of the condition.

When it comes to naturally, effectively managing inflammatory bowel disease, it is wise to take into account the use of natural ingredients like curcumin.

In an in-depth analysis of all the studies, scientists tried to see how curcumin could manage ulcerative colitis (UC). 

It has been found that curcumin could aid in maintaining remission of such chronic condition. The placebo group, on the other hand, was found to be more than four times likely to suffer from a relapse or flare-up of ulcerative colitis during the six months of the study.

Multiple studies have revealed that this phytochemical found in turmeric has genoprotective, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anticarcinogenic, antiproliferative, antiviral, renoprotective, insulin-sensitizing, androgenic, antifibrotic, neurorestorative, and metal-chelating properties

It also contains anticoagulant, antiseptic, antioxidant, anti-amyloidogenic, anti-cytotoxic, antibiotic, antimicrobial, anti-purulent, immunomodulating, and anticatabolic agents.

Some medications for IBS like ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease tend to produce damage to the intestinal lining over time, and this worsens the condition. 

Curcumin could be an excellent alternative as it doesn’t cause such a damage, and it also produces many health benefits. There are many people who resort to the use of it for preventive health purposes.

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