Memphis TN Medical Equipment For In Home Care And Virtual Prescriptions Launched

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A provider of in-home medical equipment launches their updated program with the goal of enabling Memphis, Tennessee physicians to render crucial healthcare services remotely.

Home Medical Products, Inc. launches an updated program for physicians looking to monitor their patients’ conditions remotely through in-home medical equipment. The health experts can also perform a number of care-related tasks, such as sign orders or write prescriptions virtually.

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The company’s latest update is geared toward helping doctors in areas like Memphis, Tennessee to implement modern approaches to healthcare. Home Medical Products, Inc. specializes in supplying in-home equipment, clinical resources, and other innovative technologies that allow physicians to access real-time updates on their patients’ health status.

With the ability to gain insights even while patients are outside a medical facility, physicians can cover more ground and manage their loads with improved efficiency. Since the program facilitates virtual office visits as well as patient education and training, the health professionals are able to ensure that their patients will remain engaged with the care plan that they prescribed.

Paperless prescriptions with complete electronic documentation are also made possible through a HIPAA-compliant portal. Using their computers or mobile devices, physicians can get status updates on their orders from anywhere and at any time of the day. They can also task their staff to verify the orders beforehand and sign off on the validated documents with a single tap or click.

When Home Medical Products, Inc. was founded in 2004, their focus was on providing residents of local communities with quality medical equipment that they can use at home. Since then, they have expanded their programs and services so that they can partner with more healthcare providers and better facilitate in-home care plans for patients.

The company maintains several medical equipment offices in various locations in Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, and Kentucky, among other states. Their offerings also now include complex rehab solutions, which they deliver through their subsidiary DocSupply Rehab, LLC.

A representative from Home Medical Products, Inc. states, “Your patients deserve the best plan of care — in your office, in a hospital or care facility, and at home. We have solutions that can elevate the level of care your patients experience.”

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