Los Angeles CA Call For Submission Women Writer Mental Health Anthology Launched

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LA-based publishers Queen Ex Literature and Pear Shaped Press have announced that they are seeking submissions from women writers for their new publication ‘”F#!k Low Days!” and Other Sentiments’.

In collaboration with Pear Shaped Press, Queen Ex Literature, an independent publisher based in Los Angeles, CA, has recently announced a call for submissions, seeking essays, letters, and poems written by women to become part of their latest publication ‘”F#!k Low Days!” and Other Sentiments’.

More information is available at www.queenexlit.com/submissions

The boutique publishers Queen Ex Literature and Pear Shaped Press intend to collaborate on a collection of submissions from women writers, discussing their victory over anxiety, depression, and thoughts of suicide. Submissions may include diary entries, essays, letters, poetry, quotes, and personal affirmations, and can be up to 750 words in length.

The recently announced anthology is due to be published in Summer 2021 and is designed to offer support to women and girls through their own battles with mental health issues and encourage them to find inner strength. Queen Ex Literature is a boutique e-book publishing company inviting women of all experiences and writing abilities to submit to their diverse, vibrant collection of literature on the female experience.

Interested parties can visit Queen Ex Literature on Instagram at instagram.com/queenexliterature

Similarly, Pear Shaped Press publishes essays, short stories, letters, poetry, memoirs, and journals written about women by women. The submission deadline for their newly launched collaborative anthology is February 14th, 2021. Primarily, the two boutique publishers are seeking essays and letters expressing the specific societal pressures experienced by women and suggesting advice for overcoming such daily challenges.

Their range of suggested topics for “F#!k Low Days!” and Other Sentiments’ include loneliness, body image, self-esteem, motherhood, and marriage. Moreover, the book aims to specifically tackle women’s mental health victories, including finding power in pain, overcoming weakness, and dealing with low mood and anxiety. The entries will be published anonymously, with requested contributor acknowledgments to be printed in the back of the book.

Both Pear Shaped Press and Queen Ex Literature are women-owned publishing companies dedicated to putting female voices from all walks of life into print. Queen Ex Literature specializes in providing e-book services, including development, production, and publishing. Alongside the written submissions, Queen Ex Literature will also be accepting high-quality selfies in JPEG format.

A spokesperson for the publishers said, “Poetry submissions are welcome, however, we’re mostly looking for essays or letters expressing the expectations put on women to carry the world (and maintain composure) and the advice you’d give another person about how you deal with inevitable low days.”

More information is available at https://pearshapedpress.com/submissions/call-for-submissions-fk-low-days-and-other-sentiments-forthcoming-from-pear-shaped-press-and-queen-ex-literature, or by emailing info@queenexlit.com.