Guilford CT Local Mask Creator Cotton Waterproof Custom Expert Designs Launched

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A new line of facemasks has been released by Wavzcap LLC. The new line aims to supply the residents of Guilford, CT, and its environs with high-quality attractive facemasks.

Wavzcap LLC has recently launched a line of facemasks. The facemasks are an update to the range of products that the store usually offers. The online store aims to create reversible masks that are waterproof, made of 100% quilting cotton, and feature a doubled polypropylene internal filter.

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The newly launched line of facemasks has been launched to meet the demand that the pandemic has created. Wavzcap LLC aims to meet this demand by supplying attractive masks made of superior materials.

The facemasks come in three different sizes. The smallest size aims to fit children up to twelve years old, the medium size seeks to fit teens and ladies, and size large is intended to fit the average guy.

The store also provides extra-large sizes. However, these are custom made, and customers are required to order through email.

The nose bridge of each mask features an internal wire that aims to allow customers a better fit. Each mask also comes in a variety of colors and designs for customers to choose from.

They also aim to provide masks that can be customized to include various embellishments. In addition to being made of superior materials, the masks aim to fit any budget. They are set at an affordable price range to allow the residents of Guilford, CT, and its environs access to facemasks for their entire family.

Wavzcap LLC seeks to make its new line of masks available at several locations. These locations are The Clinton Art Gallery, Guilford Art Center, The Drunken Palette, The Bird’s Nest Gallery, Ella Where She Shops, Taken for Granite, and The Country Shop.

The sportswear store has been known for its proprietary Wavzcap that was designed by Gail Kotowski. The Wavzcap is a neoprene baseball cap created to help surfers prevent heat loss. The cap was designed because there was a need for better head coverage. The store’s new line of face masks represents Wavzcap LLC’s aim to supply high-quality products to meet their customers’ needs.

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