Which Cryptocurrency To Invest in for 2021?

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(Newswire.net — January 2, 2021) — Bitcoin is currently at its highest value since its launch in 2009. Cryptocurrency investors are currently waiting for the next big spike, but they’re not just looking at Bitcoin. There are currently more than 7,000 cryptocurrencies available, although the vast majority of these are so small and niche that profiting from them would be an enormous challenge that might never pay off. So the question for both existing investors and those keen to get involved in the cryptocurrency sector is which of the various crypto options are going to prove to be the most valuable investment in 2021? Here’s a breakdown of the best cryptocurrencies to take a closer look at this year.


By far the most well-known cryptocurrency in the world, Bitcoin has a major advantage over its competitors. It’s become firmly established in the minds of even the general public, and the recent announcement that PayPal would start to allow Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) as a payment option has caused a huge surge of interest. While the price of Bitcoin is still prone to upward and downwards spikes, there is a real sense of going mainstream in 2021. If you’re looking for information on where and how to buy crypto, then you should look at the benefits of buying and selling the well known and best cryptocurrency. When PayPal formally launches its crypto payments, there is expected to be a surge in price, so buying now could be a very smart option.


Like most people, businesses, and industries, cryptocurrencies were hit by the events of 2020. However, Ethereum remained very consistent, proving a resilience that even Bitcoin couldn’t match until the end of the year. There have been a lot of changes to the way that Ethereum works recently and the transition to the Proof-of-Stake algorithm combined with the launch of Ethereum 2.0, proved almost prescient. If you’re wary of investing in Bitcoin, then Ethereum is a solid alternative that has proven its stability and its ability to compete with even the biggest crypto. It also has very high levels of liquidity, so it’s easier than ever to buy and sell Ethereum. Many exchanges will only require two clicks to make a purchase, and that ease of use is another reason why Ethereum could be the crypto investment of choice for smart investors.


Playing for smaller stakes means fewer risks, and that’s why Tezos is well worth considering for your investment capital. It’s all very affordable, and even an investment of less than $2 will see your portfolio start to grow. On average, it takes around 20 days to start seeing a profit on Tezos, although those profits are going to be small if you’ve stuck to the $2 investment level. Like Ethereum though, Tezos managed to see a price rise even in 2020. The initial $1.2 price jumped by almost four times and currently sits at around $4.28. So although your profits can be slow and small, they look like being one of the safest options to consider for beginner cryptocurrency investors in 2021.


Since its launch in 2014, Monero has been making waves. It’s a cryptocurrency that prioritizes decentralization and privacy, which are major draws for many people looking to stay safe online. 2018 was by far the worst year for Monero investors because in that year the price dropped to a new low of $34, but it has since regained and overtaken those losses. Now, the price sits at $135 and it continues to trend upward. You’ll need more investment cash than other options such as Tezos, but as Monero only continues to grow more popular, that could end up being the lowest price for this emerging underdog of the crypto world. In terms of investment, this could be the safest cryptocurrency option, although it remains on the edges of the mainstream.


There’s a lot of potential for growth for those that invest in Litecoin. It has always been viewed as the poor investors crypto option because it stands very much in the shadow of the more well-known Bitcoin. However, that looks set to change in the coming years. Litecoin is one of the cryptocurrencies that will soon be usable on PayPal, and that makes buying Litecoin an excellent option to take a closer look at. The fact that it also has a market capitalization of just under $4 billion makes the prospects for the future very promising. There’s also the fact that Litecoin now has a presence in the gaming world too, which is itself a huge growth industry. The RPG game Litebringer requires players to pay in Litecoin as they make their way through the fantasy levels, which can only be another good sign for the future.

These aren’t the only versions of cryptocurrency that you can buy in 2021, but they are the ones that savvy investors should be looking into. As Bitcoin reaches record highs and mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrency comes to the fore, 2021 could be the best year ever to start investing in your alternative currency of choice.