Shiitake Mushrooms Found To Help Boost Immunity, Experts Suggest

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( — February 9, 2021) Orlando, FL — Nowadays, maintaining a strong immune system is particularly important and it may be life-saving too. 

Strengthening immunity doesn’t require spending lots of money, but it does need effort in taking some proven steps recommended by experts. 

The scientific community continues to investigate into some natural remedies like medicinal mushrooms for a healthy immune system. It is worth mentioning that mushrooms are found to be immunomodulators that work the same way as adaptogens, but relate only to immune function. 

One of the most popular immunity-boosting mushrooms is shiitake, which is also considered to be a superfood. 

Various research studies have suggested that this medicinal mushroom contains a myriad of nutrients and therapeutic agents. It has actually been found to have certain minerals, vitamins, and enzymes needed to fuel the body’s functions.

Due to the nutrients it contains like its B vitamins, vitamin D, selenium, niacin, and 7 of the 8 essential amino acids, it is found to be an excellent ingredient for boosting immunity. 

What makes this remedy even more beneficial is that it also has certain enzymes that could work wonders in enhancing nutrient absorption from food. It even has robust anti-cancer activity via its ability to improve immune function. 

Today, experts are increasingly recommending some natural measures such as the use of kitchen ingredients to boost immunity. It is important to note that another medicinal mushroom called lion’s mane may also be significantly helpful for immune system health. 

Mushrooms like lion’s mane have long been used for culinary and medicinal purposes in Asia. This remedy is popularized by the therapeutic agents it contains, and it is being widely researched due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant abilities. 

Chronic inflammation has long been linked with the onset of certain diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases. It has further been found to cause the immune system to go into overdrive. 

Some scientists suggest that through its anti-inflammatory effects, it may aid in boosting immunity. In 2012 a study assessing the medicinal values of 14 types of mushroom, it has been found that lion’s mane had the fourth highest antioxidant activity.

In a study involving mice as subjects, it has been found administration of lion’s mane mushrooms may enhance the activity of intestinal immune system. Its positive effects on the gut have also been found to be one of the mechanisms it exerts in helping improve the body’s defenses.

Researchers also say this remedy has an impressive ability to stimulate the production of nerve growth factor (NGF). Aside from being linked with neurological function, the NGF is also found effective for the immune system. 

According to researchers, the immune cells work in expressing receptors for NGF. This permits immuno-regulation when we have a supply of NGF.

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