Grass Valley Acupuncture Clinic Cold Flu Virus Treatment Advice Service Launched

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A holistic medical acupuncture clinic based in Grass Valley, California, launched an update of its services to help its clients ward off colds and influenza viruses during the autumn and winter seasons.

“Dharma Acupuncture”, a medical acupuncture clinic based in Grass Valley, California, launched an update of its services to help clients understand and treat the flu, viruses and the common cold.

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The newly updated service aims to provide patients in the Grass Valley Area a “deep dive” approach to understanding how the novel virus, flu, and similar illnesses function. Moreover, Dharma Acupuncture provides its clients with a broad range of holistic treatments for sickness management and prevention of said illnesses.

Many experts believe that most Americans will not be prepared to navigate this year’s flu season amid a global pandemic. Even so, people can start taking preliminary measures to arm themselves against illness and mitigate diseases’ damage.

Measures include boosting the immune system to ward off infections and efficiently managing symptoms once a person becomes ill. Dharma Acupuncture values a holistic approach to tackling illnesses like the novel virus and flu. Furthermore, the clinic uses acupuncture to prevent and mitigate the impact of these diseases.

Dharma Acupuncture recently developed a 90-minute treatment to help patients this Autumn. Treatment includes, but is not limited to, an oil application that protects and wards off viruses, acupuncture points to boost a patient’s immune system, and flash cupping to promote the movement of lymph and blood flow. Moreover, the clinic provides clients a complementary zinc test to ensure that clients are well-prepared for the upcoming season.

In addition to these treatments, the Dharma Acupuncture clinic also offers antibody tests. These tests are imported from China and evaluate IgG and IgM antibodies found in the blood. These tests are available for in-office appointments or as a drive-by curbside test.

The latest update is in line with the company’s values of promoting traditional medicine techniques in order to support clients’ health challenges and fight off diseases.

Dharma Acupuncture clinic specializes in various services, including pain relief management, labor preparation, and pediatric care. Customers typically attend two sessions unless a specialist determines otherwise. The first session is a 90-minute appointment to discuss main concerns, health history, diagnosis, and treatment.

The subsequent appointment is a 60-minute acupuncture visit and treatment. Nutrition and lifestyle recommendations are often provided to clients in both sessions.

A patient at Dharma Acupuncture states, “Lisa has a passion for acupuncture that shows with her clients. She was helpful with an issue that I am having and made me feel at ease. She is so personable, courteous, and kind, which are the most important qualities to me when it comes to my health.”

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