Lincoln NE Locksmiths Contactless Payment Before Dispatch Platform Launched

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Grab Customers launched a digital payment product that facilitates payment before dispatch. Contactless payment options are available to professionals including 24-hour locksmiths.

Locksmiths operating in the Lincoln, NE area can use contactless payment options instead of collecting payments in person. Grab Customers, a company that provides payment systems to various businesses, has launched a product that allows payment before dispatch.

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This business solution is designed to assist locksmiths helping customers in emergency situations or in cases of GOA (gone on arrival) and to allow payment options that do not require direct contact with clients.

GOA is a difficulty that locksmiths often face, especially those who offer 24-hour service. Clients may not be home when the locksmith arrives, and this places stress on the locksmith when it comes to collecting payments.

Payment before dispatch is one way to prevent this from affecting the efficiency of a business. It enables the customer to make a payment using a mobile or digital device and can be utilized in addition to POS machines or other equipment the company might already use.

Dispatching a locksmith to the client can be costly. Rather than trying to find a time when the client is home and dispatching someone to collect the payment, many companies opt for digital payment methods.

Clients can pay online via a link on the business’s website or social media profile. Alternatively, they could scan a QR code printed on an invoice. Another way to direct customers to the payment page is through an SMS message or an email. Following the transaction, the funds are transferred within two business days.

This service is especially valuable during the current pandemic because it helps maintain social distancing. Customers have come to expect reduced face-to-face contact with vendors and the payment platform makes that practical.

Contactless payment benefits also include being able to take an initial deposit during the booking and receive the rest of the funds after the job is completed.

Grab Customers is a company that offers contactless payment services to many types of businesses, including construction, transportation, and property management.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Most clients would be happy to pay immediately if an easy option was offered to them.”

For a free demonstration of the product, please visit the link above.