The “Right” Way To Grow – Instagram Marketing for Regular Users

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( — February 2, 2021) — The question of building an Instagram page is, in itself, a quite challenging affair. It gets even more challenging, though, when you start to consider whether or not there is a “right” way of building these pages from scratch. 

Some would say, for example, that any form of conscious striving to amass a large following on social media is wrong. According to this argument, the “right” way to build a social media following is to not try in the first place. All you have to do is post your content, be happy with what you post, and the question of gaining followers should not cross your mind at all.

There are some, though, who take a less conservative approach. This category includes those who think you shouldn’t strive too hard to build a following but allow a few conscious tweaks and optimizations that may make it easier for new users to find you.

Then, lastly, of course, some believe that as a social media marketer, you should do your best and consider every possible method that will help you gain as many followers over time as possible.

Below we take a look at some of the approaches and methods employed to gain following by those who believe in them.

The Fully Conscious Approach

The fully conscious approach of building an Instagram following is employed by most social media marketers and budding entrepreneurs. Unlike the other two systems discussed in the coming sections, the fully conscious approach is faster and more effective.

But of course, it is also a lot riskier. Below are some of the growth method employed by marketers fully conscious of their growth steps:

1. Advanced Analytics 

Fully conscious marketers looking to build a following on Instagram use advanced analytics to plan content, target audience, and increase reach.

2. Moderate Actions

Moderate Actions are actions you take on Instagram that let people discover your profile, such as liking, commenting, and viewing user stories.

3. Buying Real Followers

Fully conscious marketers looking to build a following on Instagram may look into how to buy real Instagram followers. These followers must be full of real people and not bots, seeing as the latter reduce engagement and is frowned upon by Instagram.

The Semi-Conscious Approach

The semi-conscious approach is something of a hybrid between the fully conscious and the unconscious process. Below are some of the methods used to gain followers in this category:

1. Great Content

Semi-conscious marketers are looking to build a following on Instagram place significant emphasis on great content. They’re not just making them for fun, though. They’re making them reach more people and compel them to follow.

2. Regular Analytics

The semi-conscious Instagram growth method uses regular analytics provided by Instagram to plan content, identify optimal time, and gain follower insights.

3. Hashtag Research

Lastly, semi-conscious marketers looking to build a following on Instagram may carry out minimal hashtag research on feed posts to reach a higher audience and gain a bigger following.

The Unconscious Approach

As mentioned earlier, the unconscious way of building an Instagram page requires putting no mind on your tasks’ results. In fact, in this category, there are no “tasks”; you’re merely doing what you love. 

Now, if this ends up bringing you a lot of followers who appreciate what you do, that’s fine. If it doesn’t, it’s also fine. Though, the bottom line is that you’re doing what you love and are having fun with it.

It is also widely believed that doing this will automatically give you more followers in the end, although that is not the goal again.