Adaptable Spine Support Ergonomic Office Chair To Prevent Back Pain Launched

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Seating technology company Ergoal announced the launch of the Ergoal Comfort Plus, its latest ergonomic office chair with adaptable spine support. The chair features self-adjusting lumbar support, three-layer breathable backrest, and 3D armrests.

Seating technology company Ergoal announced the launch of an ergonomic office chair with adaptable spine support. Ergoal chairs are designed with special lumbar support to prevent back pain caused by poor posture.

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The newly launched therapeutic lumbar support chair is available in two models: the Ergoal Comfort Plus and the Ergoal One. Both models undergo rigorous quality and durability testing at ISO-certified manufacturer laboratories.

The Ergoal Comfort Plus aims to be the gold standard for ergonomic office chairs and the preferred chair for people who work from home. The product features a three-layer breathable mesh backrest, memory foam cushion, adjustable armrest, and headrest.

Adaptive spine support technology supports the lower back while keeping the spine in a natural, healthy S-shape. The fully reclining chair supports the upper and lower back, preventing strain on joints, muscles, and spinal discs. The 3D armrests can be adjusted in multiple planes to provide optimum support for the arms in any posture.

Ergoal ergonomic chairs have a capacity of up to 300lbs and come ready-to-assemble with all pieces and screws included. The product is backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty and for 3 years under extended warranty. All products are backed by a full money-back guarantee.

The Ergoal Comfort Plus comes with a full recline function while the Ergoal One features a reclined angle of 117 degrees.

The company also features the Ergoal Vario Touch, a motorized height-adjustable desk that supports dual-monitor use. The desk features a durable industrial steel frame, motor-driven stabilization, and quick assembly. The desk is available in Maple and all white.

According to a spokesperson for the work from home back support office chair dealership, “We are delighted to announce the availability of the Ergoal Comfort Plus and the Ergoal One, our latest products with adaptable lumbar support. We focus on smart design and uncompromising quality to ensure long-term spinal health and unmatched comfort.”

Ergoal is a nationwide dealership for ergonomic office furniture based in Casper, WY. The company specializes in work-from-home office furniture, offering free shipping in the United States by FedEx, UPS, and USPS.

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