Stay-At-Home Mom Entrepreneur High-Ticket Webinar Marketing Course Launched

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A new training program and toolset for entrepreneurs and stay-at-home moms has been launched. Automated Profit Partners gives members all the guidance they need to create and grow their home business.

Ron Douglas has launched a new online training program for stay-at-home moms wanting to develop a new career or earn more money. With Automated Profit Partners (APPS), parents and entrepreneurs can discover insightful strategies to create, launch and expand their business.

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The newly launched training program showcases the benefits of Facebook Messenger and how to utilize it for lead generation and sales.

APPS is a training program, software platform and business opportunity for clients. It provides members with all the training, tools and guidance they need to build their list and secure high-ticket sales from webinars.

Using this platform, stay-at-home moms have been able to earn $2,500 per week powered by Facebook Messenger. Now more entrepreneurs are able to follow these replicable strategies to drive their own success.

Hosted by Ron Douglas, a New York Times bestselling author, the class goes into detail on why Facebook Messenger is a big opportunity that many business owners are missing.

One of the core modules covers five obstacles that prevent success, and how to solve them. In addition to this, entrepreneurs will learn how to better manage Facebook Messenger for optimal lead generation.

There are a number of benefits for businesses and entrepreneurs utilizing Facebook Messenger. Messenger apps are on the rise, and consumers are now used to engaging with people through these systems.

Research shows that social media consumption time rose by 400% in the last year, emphasizing the type of audience that clients can access through the platform.

Entrepreneurs can leverage Facebook Messenger to capture leads even while they’re not working. This 24/7 approach to prospect engagement and lead generation presents more opportunities for increasing conversion.

Interested parties can take the quiz on the above-mentioned URL to find out more and get started. By joining the training program, they are able to learn an implement actionable strategies to grow their business.

Full details can be found on the URL above.