Lexington KY Italian Restaurants Contactless Ordering POS System Launched

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A newly launched contactless ordering and payment system is available to Italian restaurants in Lexington, KY. This system can work on top of the POS machines the restaurant already has in place.

Lexington, KY Italian restaurants can upgrade their POS systems without purchasing any new devices. The ordering and payment service launched by Grab Customers offers up-to-date technology to enable restaurant contactless ordering.

More information is available at https://grabcustomers.com/contactless-payments

The release of this service can benefit restaurants by making ordering and payment easy and safe for customers.

Recent studies have shown that safety is a top concern for many consumers. According to Forbes, 23 percent of businesses surveyed in a recent study have lost a sale because the customer wanted to use a contactless method of payment but no such option was available.

Grab Customers helps advise restaurants in the Lexington area on their best options for contactless transactions. They consult the restaurant owner on whether the new system can work with their devices and provide information on how to incorporate it most effectively.

Modern Restaurant Management states that many customers still feel more at ease with a physical menu that they can hold in their hands rather than an online menu. One possible reason for this is that the printed menu provides the customary structure of appetizers followed by main courses and desserts. This arrangement can be combined with a digital payment system using a QR code printed on the disposable paper menu.

The payment system doesn’t require the installation of new equipment, and guests can use it to pay from their own mobile phones.

Contactless ordering and payment can be used for both take-out and dine-in options. In both scenarios, customers often prefer to decrease personal contact as much as possible.

Aside from health and safety considerations, digital payments also add to the convenience of customers’ experience. Ordering food online reduces the “broken telephone” effect of having the server or host transmit the order verbally.

Passing a payment terminal back and forth can be time-consuming. Instead, servers can use their time to guide the customer through the menu and recommend specials, making for an enjoyable cultural learning experience. Since menu items are traditionally written in Italian, guests may benefit from explanations and descriptions of these dishes.

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