Santa Monica CA Garage Door Emergency Repair Contactless Payment System Launched

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Grab Customers launched a contactless payment system in Santa Monica, Ca. that provides the garage door repair industry and other area businesses a means for safe and convenient transactions.

Grab Customers, an online company, has launched a contactless payment system in Santa Monica, California. The system is expected to benefit garage door repair owners and other business owners seeking contactless payment options.

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The launch comes in response to a rising consumer demand for fast, safe, and convenient payment options.

During these challenging times, a business’ need for fast, safe, and convenient payment methods has never been more relevant. Businesses are searching for ways to ensure prompt payment while customers seek safe and convenient payment methods. Grab Customers aims to provide a means of payment that satisfies the concerns of both business owners and consumers with their new system.

Grab Customers’ contactless payment system allows businesses to bind clients faster and get paid faster by means of digital payment. This is especially convenient for businesses operating 24 hours a day and in emergency scenarios. The system allows a payment to be collected before dispatching the repair team. It provides multiple convenient options to collect a deposit at the time of mobile booking from the client and then a full payment immediately upon completion of the service.

The system features convenient options to collect payment: SMS messaging with a custom link to pay, a QR code on an invoice, a check, a hyperlink via email or on a website. All funds are deposited into a business’ account in two business days or less.

The system is able to send an email notification every time someone pays, and allows business owners to log into their dashboard to view numerous real-time reports. Transactions are all recorded in real-time.

In addition, Grab Customers is currently offering a complimentary Google reputation boost campaign as a bonus for implementing their contactless payment system. The promotional campaign is distributed to hundreds of websites resulting in increased exposure and Google rankings for the business.

Grab Customers’ team is available to provide solutions and insights regarding contactless implementation in service based businesses.

Interested parties can schedule a complimentary live demo at the above mentioned website.