US KN95 4-Ply Hospital Grade Reusable Face Mask Online PPE Products Launched

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Florida based Amazeus has launched the sale of new KN95 4-ply general use and reusable face masks for businesses, with a filtration rate of higher than 95%.

Amazeus, a medical retailer based in Weston, Florida, has announced that they are now selling their KN95 Intrepid, GENERAL USE 4-ply reusable face masks to US businesses, both small and large.

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The announcement comes in response to the dire challenges that American corporations continue to endure in the face of the ongoing global pandemic and the rapid spread of the 70% more transmissible B117 variant.

Moreover, an increasing number of US states now mandate the use of masks in enclosed spaces, meaning many businesses need to supply their staff and even customers with masks on an ongoing basis.

As such, Amazeus is offering American businesses of all sizes the opportunity to purchase their fully certified masks in bulk, on a one-off or easy subscription basis.

While many companies retail 3-ply masks, Amazeus’ KN95 Intrepid masks feature four discrete layers making them both more breathable for the wearer and better able to filter out microparticles such as bacteria and viruses.

Amazeus’ KN95 masks are made from sustainable materials like cotton and are completely reusable, simply needing to be aired out for a couple of days between uses.

Depending on the size of a client’s business, Amazeus offers a range of one-off packages and subscription services from as little as 10 masks to amounts in the thousands.

Their masks are fully certified, and as both importer and seller, Amazeus ensures the highest hygiene standards of their products.

Shipping is free throughout the US, and Amazeus is committed to delivering to a client’s door, including to each location in the instance of multi-site businesses.

Amazeus recognizes that a mask is a key to protecting oneself and others during the global pandemic and is committed to providing affordable, convenient, and professional-standard masks to US companies in need.

A spokesperson for the company encouraged US business owners to “Protect your staff and self at a cost-effective rate once monthly and receive top-notch customer support as well as a mask that helps better protect and provide a safe environment for your office, shop, and more.”

Interested parties can access more information by visiting the website above.