Online Financial Literacy Program For Preteens Teens Homeschool Report Launched

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Kids Products Reviews has launched a report about MoneyTime. It is an online financial literacy platform that teaches money management to children ages 10-14 and is ideal for homeschooling.

A new report has been released by Kids Products Reviews detailing an easy way to teach children about money. The blog site’s report was written as a means of promoting the online financial literacy program for children: MoneyTime.

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According to the newly launched report, teaching children about the pros and cons of managing their finances is an overwhelming feat faced by many parents. As such, MoneyTime was designed to teach children all of the things about money that parents were never taught during their childhood years.

The online financial literacy program has served to alleviate the concerns that parents have about their children’s knowledge base when it comes to money management. Among them are not wanting their child to make the same financial mistakes as them, wanting to give their child a headstart in life but not having the monetary means of doing so, and not having enough knowledge to teach their child about finances.

The report also points out that with the implementation of MoneyTime into households children can understand the value of money. Additionally, those parents who are uncomfortable about or don’t have the time to discuss money affairs with their children can depend on the program to render assistance.

It also noted that “many schools don’t teach personal finance; they don’t think it’s important enough. But it’s a critical life-skill that kids need, and unfortunately, most of us had to learn about money the hard way, incurring debt along the way”.

Understanding the latter fact forms part of the foundation of MoneyTime, as it teaches children everything they need to know about making smart financial decisions. The online program utilizes 30 self-taught modules, covering the full spectrum of financial literacy, to teach students.

Not only is MoneyTime ideal for assisting parents who have difficulty finding time to teach their children the necessary financial skills but it also serves well during homeschooling sessions.

MoneyTime caters to children between the ages of 10 and 14, teaching them how the financial system works to enforce confidence in wealth and security. The program covers such topics as employment, borrowing, loans, property, investing, and net wealth.

According to the new report, MoneyTime is an affordable investment option for both parents and children during the current pandemic when financial resilience is a key concern. The sessions require no pre-reading or lesson planning as it incorporates a game for fun learning.

“It keeps kids entertained learning a valuable life skill while having educational screen time. It also initiates a lot of conversations around money and the future between children and parents,” the report states.

To find out more about MoneyTime, interested parties can click on the link above.